Scarlet Wanderlust, Half-elf Paladin of Avandra
Simon Oakheart (aka Professor Waldorft), Human Rogue
Sir Chauncy Corveth, Human Knight/Commander, Leader of the Westric Defense Force
John Hawthorne, Human Sellsword, Brother of King James Hawthorne III of Falgard


Halbrecht Khorsic, Dwarf Cleric of Bahamut, Brother of Sir Darver Khorsic
Seamus Hawkins, Human, Owner of Hawkins Adventuring Company
Captain Douglas Brighton, Human Captain, Captain of the Port of Atria South Gate Garrison
Sir Craig Thornton, Human Knight, Knight of the Falgard Kingsguard
Sir Kindlecare, Dragonborn Knight, Knight of the Falgard Kingsguard
Sir Darver Khorsic, Dwarf Knight, Knight of the Falgard Kingsguard, Brother of Halbrecht Khorsic
Jim “Pup” Hawthorne IVDECEASED, Human Prince, Late squire to Sir Craig Thornton
Gnarm, Goblin, Arcane Apprentice to Rynn


Sir Spriggles the Brave (aka Sir Spriggles the Bold), Gnome “Knight” of the “Mysterious Company”
Valence Brightblade (aka Valence Laon), Human Fighter, Leader of the Sunriders
Stark, Warforged Fighter, Bound to Valence Brightblade (formerly bound to Tristan Redfield)
Tristan RedfieldDECEASED, Human Commander – Late leader of the Westric Defense Force, son of Dougan Redfield (King of Solsten)


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