Cambrya the Second Age

Visions and Apparitions

The sharp, blinding pain of the fang dragon’s scythe like tail was blissfully short; complete darkness took its place and nothingness……

“Why does Scarlet dislike you?” There was a soft voice that seemed to echo in Eilliandor’s head. He blinked, wait his eyes were open. As if from a foggy dream Eilliandor turned his head. He was sitting on a petrified log in the forest outside of Brightcliff. To his left, sitting against the log, playing with a few lady bugs that were walking around his stony hand was Oblitus. While looking at the small bugs, he asked again, “Why does Scarlet dislike you?” Oblitus wasn’t speaking out loud he was using his races special form of telepathy.

“Well, I don’t think she is able to separate me from others of my kind. Eladrin are not well known for their kindness, openness and carefree nature. Which if Scarlet is a true follower of Avandra, she holds those qualities in high regard. Not to mention she is a little hot headed.” Eilliandor turned to Oblitus and smiled. Oblitus was turning out to be filled with questions and a child like curiosity. Everything was new to him and the world was filled with joy. Eilliandor smiled mentally as he thought; imagine how he would feel about seeing the Faewild! Although it wasn’t all joy and happiness, it was an explosion of life unlike anything here. I wonder if he knows how to dance?

“She says you cannot be trusted.” Reality snapped back into focus as Oblitus spoke mentally Eilliandor. He had subconsciously heard a chorus of voices in the background of the mental message, whispering and speaking so fast it was impossible to follow. As he turned to look up at Scarlet the world took on the feel of molasses, the edges of his visions blurred and the chorus of voices in the background suddenly became a blinding cacophony. Pain followed, then blackness….

“Do you think I could learn to fly?” Oblitus’ soft voice once again stirred Eilliandor from the void. This time he was on a horse. Oblitus was watching Fereydoon soar above the group. Eilliandor passively heard some of his traveling companions remark but he was captured by Oblitus. Once again, as many times over the past few weeks, Oblitus had found something so everyday entrancing and mystical. Eilliandor smiled to himself and looked around and the image slowed allowing him to take in the details. Scarlet and Adelaide were smiling and commenting back and forth, both women were radiant. Between the two ladies and Oblitus was Tobias. He was looking slightly up at Oblitus, commenting with a smile on his face, he stood up on his war pony and spread his hands out like a bird. Oblitus went to follow suit when Iz’bryn appeared from nowhere, astride his horse no less, and prevented Oblitus from standing and potentially breaking his horses back! Iz’bryn’s head was wrapped in a cloth, hiding his drow features, except for his eyes, which seemed to sparkle in mischief.

Eilliandor was lagging behind his friends, observing them and feeling their joy, even in the face of the great danger they were all in, life didn’t stop. His musing was interrupted by a sharp voice in his head, “Eilliandor, I want to learn to fly, can magic help me fly?” Slowly Oblitus turned in his saddle and the light from his eyes started glowing. Quickly the glow became intense and sparkled in a strange pattern that made Eilliandor squint under the stare…..

Cold, udder unyielding cold overcame Eilliandor and the light from Oblitus’ eyes was doused. He felt heavy and his arms were slow to move. Eilliandor went to breath but his mouth filled with foul tasting water, he was drowning! Just as quickly he was suddenly free and floating in a grey haze. Around him the landscape was shades of dark grey and he could feel the cold seep deep into his skin, caressing his soul. He was alone, cut off from everyone. As cold as he was, Eilliandor felt calm, logical, his mind was the clearest it ever was. He could feel power here, not so unlike Faewild energies, he knew that all he had to do was seize it… Water rushed around him and someone grabbed his shoulder and pulled him up. As he broke the surface he took a deep breath, the putrid air nearly choked him. He shuttered as the wind reinforced the sensation of cold that surrounded him.

“You good?” a rough metallic voiced ask, Iz’bryn, had dragged him from the Shadowfell sinkhole. The drow didn’t stop to see if Eilliandor was ok, he proceed down the swampy passage, disappearing into shadows. Eilliandor got up out of the water and onto the soggy ground. The swampy passage was dark and seemed to go on forever….

“Dori,” a soft voice whispered in his ear. He was warm and there was someone in his arms. “Dance with me again.” Eilliandor’s vision cleared and he found himself in a modest kitchen, in the arms of a half-elven maiden, what was her name? Eilliandor mused quickly as his mind continued to reel. AMELIA! A flood of emotion overtook Eilliandor and he picked up the small woman and spun her around. “Dori,” Amelia gasped happily and started giggling. He slowly put her down and kissed her.

“Dance?” he asked sleepily, “anything for you. I’d dance into eternity if you were my partner.” From nowhere music began and together the two young lovers started to dance. Although Eilliandor was lost in her eyes, he could hear voices, far away, speaking quickly.

The two spun around and danced out onto a star lit field. The voices got louder.

Eilliandor lifted his love up, taking the dance aerial. As she landed, he turned, letting her go and as he turned back around she was gone. The voices suddenly drowned out the music and a searing light knocked him over and there was only pain….

“Don’t you die on me you bastard!” A rough metallic voice assaulted Eilliandor’s ears. His head spun and as he opened his eyes, light danced madly in front of him. Tough, rocky hands helped him sit up, Oblitus was there, “take it slow, you were knocked out.” He said quietly, “I’m sorry.” Eilliandor couldn’t speak, bile and blood caked his mouth and throat forcing him to spit up. He looked around. The fang dragon lay dead next to the body of Whitemane and Tobias. Adelaide was kneeling next to the Halfling. A shadow fell over Eilliandor. Iz’bryn stood looking over the scene. Without looking down he asked “You good?” His voice was laced with a mixture of emotions. Eilliandor nodded.

“I’ll Live.”

If rocks could talk. VII

It is all my fault. Had I not come to Cambrya, Tobias would be alive, and Scarlet would not have been captured. I can no longer in good conscious keep them in danger. I don’t know why people want me captured, or dead, but I do know that it is me they want. I have decided that it will be safer for my friends to be rid of me, our paths must spork.

I will find others like me. I will find where I belong. Portals, at least some of them, seem to react to me. I will seek out Sir Spriggles the Brave, and convince him to teach me his portal magic. I will figure out the connection between me and the portals, and perhaps figure out where my home, or others like me are. It will be dangerous, but I will be careful, I will use what I have learned from my friends to keep me safe.

I am writing Oblitus out of the Saturday game as a PC. I am now in a long distance relationship, and so I need to spend the weekends in Orlando, or here with my girlfriend when she visits me. I am sorry for bailing on game, but I would much rather just write the character out at a time when it makes sense, rather than play erratically. I really hate when people come for a game, miss one, come the next week, and repeat that cycle. It was really nice playing with all of you. I thought I wouldn’t be able to mesh well with your heavy roleplay style, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Assassins motto


aimed precisely at targets

make quick work of them

Haiku part duex

To knights in training
Values and laws are needed
Justice is most high

Adelaide's Haiku

Arrow’s steady path
Detoured by a single act
Struck a chord of loss

Oblitus Haiku - Part Two

My name’s Oblitus
Everyone’s out to get me
I hope I don’t die

I came here alone
Without a care in the world
I now know friendship

Odyssey of the Mind

Light and Shadow bond.
Weaving Life and Death as one.
Prejudice mirror.

A race against fate.
Warped by men of crimson cloth
Together we fight.

Assassins Redemption

Through blood and shadow
I emerge from the darkness
and into the light

Rocking out with a Haiku

Floating in the air.
Here today, gone tomorrow.
Henry trudges on.

A short mans haiku

Short as I may be
Low center of gravity
I am hard to beat


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