Cambrya the Second Age

An Arrow Detoured.
“Adelaide” a voice whispered to me. I was 17 and with my father, Alain. His hair was short and black. His eyes were bright with excitement. He motioned me to his side. I crouched and looked in the direction he was pointing. We were on the forest floor, I rarely went down that far and never without my father or one of the other hunters. There was a Bear right before us. We were still. I drew my bow, steady as it goes, I let an arrow fly. I could barely hear it cut through the air. The arrow pierced the bears ribs. It roared back and stumbled around to face his aggressor only to be met by another arrow to the neck. It staggered forward still. Out of the corner of my eye a rustle of leaves hardly noticeable. I glanced, it was him, my fathers apprentice. He glanced over at me and smiled, my gaze quickly returned to the bear. His arrow pierced the bears heart. “Great shot Roark!” My dad said jovially. He patted me on the back. “You too Adelaide. It’s good to see you’ve been practicing.” I blushed as I looked over at Roark. “It helps that I have a great teacher.” Roark walked over to the bear and pulled out the arrows with a sickening ‘Thwick’ sound. “You’re doing better. Just remember next time though, to exhale as you release.”

. . .

I didn’t exhale. That must be why I missed. A stupid mistake on my part. I wont let it happen again. Two Corbinian soldiers lay lifeless in the snow, a third bound fellow seems to be wrestling some kind of inner demon. Quickly the five of us cut down the drow who had attacked them. Oblitus seems distressed at the arrival this bound fellow. An old acquaintance I assume. Scarlet also seems to know him, but with a warmer receptiveness. Iz’Bryn survey’s his fallen brethren and begins taking ears. He must have some kind of trophy fetish. First with the heads of those gnomes, now ears. Tobias and Oblitus are tending to the girl whose parents had just fallen victim to the cruelty of the Drow. They try to calm her and reason with her, but the loss of her parents in such a horrific way must have been too much for her mind to handle. She seems lost in denial. I leave them to discuss their involvement in whatever seems to be brewing. I gather one of the horses, scarlet had gone off in the other direction. I feel as if I will not be making it to Atria any time soon. I fear that the trail will grow colder still and I will never find Roark. I can’t loose sight. I can only hope that some how we will be re-united. My only reprieve is to dwell on the past, and about the times we had.

. . .

Through the course of the next 5 years I would train off and on with my father and roark. However hunting wasn’t my primary focus. I ended up helping my mother out more in the aviary with the falcons than hunting, but it thrilled me when we went out to practice or to hunt. We started spending more and more time together. “No…move it up slightly. Eye level. Good.” Roark coached as he moved my hand up the bow string. “There. Now pull it tight. Breathe in when you pull back. Focus.” He moved in closer and pushed the lower part of my back in. I could feel the blood rush from my face. “Straighten up. Remember posture is important.” He stepped back. “Wait for it. Feel it in your gut…Go.” I exhaled and let go. The arrow soared through the tree tops. It landed just outside the center of the target. “You’re better. With more practice I could make a fine archer out of you yet.” We stood there awkwardly for a moment before i chimed in. “Thank you, Roark.” He smiled warmly at her. I didn’t know why he went of his way to be nice to me, other than he was my fathers apprentice. He didn’t have to train me to use a bow. I was a shy girl and by no means the prettiest in the village, but everything about him made me want to be adventurous. “Oh! I have a present for you.” I said excitedly. I ran past him, but stopped and turned back around. “I’ll be right back.” I ran swiftly to the aviary where I retrieved the young falcon Fereydoon. “I’ve been raising him myself. Mother didn’t think he had what it took, but he’s catching on quickly.” I said as I returned. “He still has a little ways to go yet.” He held out his arm and Fereydoon walked off of mine onto his. “He’s gorgeous.” He said, his eyes sparkled. He went to pet him and Fereydoon flapped his wings a little in apprehension. “Hey now…” I reached up and petted his head and he settled down slightly. “I love him. Thank you.” He moved in and we played with with Fereydoon for a bit before he leaned in kissed me. It was like i had been pushed straight into the fey wild. My heart raced. I hadn’t expected it but it wasn’t something i was going to reject. I pulled away. I could feel my face, it was on fire. I walked took Fereydoon back onto my arm. “I-I gotta go…I’ll keep him in the aviary for you.” I walked swiftly back to the aviary. I felt like I could fly myself.

. . .

There was a scream. I took the horse to where the rest of the party was. We rushed over to the edge of the woods where Scarlet had been. The man who had been bound earlier had been stabbed with a dagger laced with some kind of Drow poison. There was a note attached. I gave it to Iz’Bryn. Scarlet had been taken by the Drow. After what had happened at this homestead I feared for her life greatly.
Blood and Shadow - Facing the Past

I’m about to solidify the fact that I will never be able to return to Drow society, I’m about to take part in the killing of my own kind… not for my own gain, but for the purposes of good, to right wrongs, and to dispense justice against evil. Iz’bryn thought to himself.

All the while the thoughts ran through his head, he was reaching for his boomerang, gripping it tightly, the instinctual process of delivering death had now overcome him. Before he had even the slightest chance to balk at his decision he felt himself releasing his boomerang, directly at the neck of one of his house mates.

Thats when it went dark again for Iz’bryn… a symphony of well timed dagger strikes and the displacement of his abilities was all that was running through his mind.


All he could smell now was the sweet stench of blood and shadow. Not entirely being sure it was his own or not, but he knew he was alive, and the fighting had ceased. When his eyesight returned from the blissful phantasm of dealing death, he was finally able to gather the situation in whole.

“Shadowhunters” He said in a low, growling tone. “This isn’t over yet, there wi…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was alerted by Oblitus, that riders we’re coming down the road. Quickly, not wanting to be seen as one of the attacking party of Drow, he fled behind one of the houses, gathering himself in the shadow to the best of his ability in such a rush.

As the riders approached, Iz’bryn carefully listened to their conversations making sure that they couldent, or wouldent spot him.

“Corbinian guards”, he mumbled to himself in a hushed tone, “like they’re going to believe me…” Iz’bryn immediately started thinking of the best way to dispatch his soon-to-be aggressors if necessary, internally arguing with himself that he didn’t have to kill them, just knock them out. When all of a sudden, from the tree tops, two very heavy spears we’re thrown very accurately at the guards, killing them instantly.

Iz’bryn stood from his crouched position just as one of the Shadowhunters dropped from the tree, landing perfectly, looking directly at Iz’bryn with his long knives drawn. Seconds seemed like hours as the two stared at each other, then as quickly as he dropped from the tree the Shadowhunter started to dash twoard him, daggers in the textbook position to make a killing strike. He was trained well. While the Shadowhunter approached, Iz’bryn quickly ripped off his face wrappings… “I want him to see my face, so he knows his betrayer clearly” he thought to himself, as he swiftly readied his own long knives, ready to defend the attack.

The two tangled in a fury of blows, adeptly dodging each others attacks each of them scoring well placed hits from time to time, and just as Iz’bryns eyes went dark once again, the Shadowhunter spoke “I looked up to you!”

“I look up to you Iz’bryn!” Durzen speaks with a somewhat jovial voice “Your the best in our class! I wish I could move and strike as you do”

Durzen had seemingly clung onto Iz’bryn since they both started their training in the ways of the assassin. He was small framed, much like Iz’bryn, but quite clumsy when it came to his stealthful tactics and parrying away incoming attacks. He has potential, but in this world potential meant weakness, and you wouldent last long unless you became better, and quickly.

This annoyed Iz’bryn at first, he didn’t want to seem weak by allowing some failure to hang around him. Yet he saw the potential in him, and started helping Durzen train in the off times… it was the closest thing he had to a friend.

“Just stick with me Durzen, continue watching and training with me, and you’ll be fine” Iz’bryn said while packing up his gear to head to the assassins arena for his ten hour day of training. As they walked together to the arena, the Shadow Master, Altonvyllrar, with a maniacal smile saw them and stopped them.

“Big day today boys, I have a special treat in store for the one who completes todays lesson…fully. Now, get your asses to class NOW!” Altonvyllrar barks.

As Iz’bryn and Durzen made their way to the arena and circled around Altonvyllrar for their daily instruction, Iz’bryn could sense that today would be a very different kind of training. “I have taught you how to kill adeptly, swiftly and deadly. I have shown you the tricks of using the Shadowfell to do this more efficiently, now today you will show me what you have learned.” Altonvyllrar says as he reaches inside a large chest sitting besides him, pulling out and holding over his head, two very well made Drow long knives, and a Xen’drik boomerang.

“The one that can show me today, that they can do this… correctly will win these and will be a step closer to completing your training. Now grab your training equipment and go to your designated staging areas, we start in five minutes”

Iz’bryn quickly grabbed his wooden sword, wished Durzen good luck, and made his way to his shadowed enclosure and waited out the rest of the five minutes for the whistle to blow to signify the battle has started.

It was a long and arduous battle, sticking to the shadows trying to spot a fellow class mates one wrong mis step that would show where they were. Throughout the exercise he could hear the other instructors yelling out names signifying that they we’re disqualified and had lost the competition. When suddenly, a small disturbance of a rock being slid under a boot was heard from behind him from a small distance away. Iz’bryn slowly spun around and started stalking his new prey. for a half an hour he silently tracked his victim by sound, until finally he had a view. It was Durzen, fifteen feet in front of him, with his back facing him, trying to hide himself behind a rather large stalagmite. Iz’bryn readied his training equipment until his mind shouted in contempt.

The word “correctly”, kept spilling over in his mind and his eyes started to grow dark. Before he could even realize it, he set down his training sword and drew out his dagger slowly. It was about that time the Durzen started to turn around…but it was too late. Iz’bryn dissipated in a tuft of black shadow directly in front of Durzen and plunged his dagger straight into his chest. Iz’bryn watched as the life faded from Durzens eyes, as he mustered all of his energy to say one last phrase. “I looked up to you, Iz’bryn.”

As Iz’bryn regained his eyesight once again, he noticed the Shadowhunter impaled on his long knife, straight through the chest. He pushed the now dead Drow off, onto the ground and stepped over him to rejoin his compatriots…

The Applebee’s Contingency
As remembered by Oblitus

The ground was covered in snow, which glistened brightly in the midday sun. The sounds of the horses got closer. I continued my search of the storehouse, and surrounding buildings, searching for the remaining Drow who just murdered two innocent humans. I did not wish for any of this to be happening. I would much rather be on my way to the Port of Atria. As I approached the last building, the unknown riders started to yell out to my companions. We were to state who we were, and what our professions were. Apparently they didn’t like magic. I kept silent; I always try and remain silent when we meet new people. I am finding it has come to get us into far fewer problems. I kept my hands in sight, and listened in, as the guards slowly and methodically approached us.

We assumed the remaining Drow were in the buildings, but quickly found that we were wrong. Two Javelins sailed effortlessly through the cold air, and struck the guards soundly. Both gargled as they fell off their horses, dead. More pointless death… The Drow moved quickly from the bushes gaining ground from their surprise ambush. My companions and I quickly reacted, and moved to confront the band of assassins. An order was called out by Elliandor to protect the mourning girl. I entered the minds of my friends, and let them know she would be protected.

“Quickly, sit on Henry. I will keep you safe!” I shouted at the grief stricken girl. She obeyed my order, and sat atop Henry; our floating disk. I looked around, trying to find my best avenue of attack. I heard the creaking of Adelaide’s Longbow, as she deftly drew it back, and loosed an arrow. The sound of the arrow speeding through the air was unmistakable. The sound of it missing its mark and penetrating the nearby tree was also unmistakable. This had been the first time that Adelaide had missed a shot. These Drow were going to be competent opponents.

Tobias shot forward, his little legs carrying him quickly down the road. He charged straight into one of the Drow marauders, sword and dagger leading the way. The Drow quickly dodged the sword, and parried the dagger, swinging the Halflings stubby arm wide. “Now you’ve done it” Tobias shouted as he came in for another assault. Elliandor moved forward, the words of some Eladrin Battle Song filled the air, instilling Tobias with the courage to press his enemy even further. Scarlet reacted to the battle as well, moving towards our opponents sword and shield armed. She moved with the confidence of a seasoned warrior who has seen countless battles. She saw a weakness in his form, and exploited it. The Drow cursed out in his tongue, as the pain from the strike wracked him. Our party was emboldened by Scarlets’ display of swordsmanship.

Iz’Bryn took off to the other side of a house, and the sound of combat could be heard there as well. He was no doubt entwined in an elegant dance of steel on steel, as he met his brethren in combat. The agile Dark Elves were known to be more than capable in combat. To see them fighting each other would have been breathtaking no doubt. My attention came back to the battle as I heard a familiar voice near the dead Brightcliff Guards. It was Waldorf, the guy who tried to ‘kidnap’ me at the Boars Beard Inn. My mind was flooded with emotion. It was enough that I was trying to figure out this whole life and death thing; I had just watched a lady slit her own throat and bleed out. I saw the face of the girl when she saw her mother’s blood pooled in the snow. My life has been in danger for the past two weeks, we were surrounded by Drow, and now the first person to ever betray me was here. I knew what I had to do. I must make Waldorf pay for what he did to me. I moved forward, Henry and the sobbing girl in tow, my mind reached out to Waldorfs.

In what was a fraction of a second, I made him feel as though his hamstrings were being cut with a dull blade. I had no actual blade, but his inferior human mind was easily manipulated into feeling his skin and muscle being sliced. To him the pain was real; he slowed, unable to move and tried to reassure himself that it wasn’t real. A smile crossed my face. This was what vengeance felt like… I liked it, I felt strong, and I felt like I could control my destiny. I felt like at least for the moment I had a purpose. Waldorf would regret the day he tried to capture me. I am a free being, no one can own me, and no one can hold me down. As I came to realize this, two Drow came upon Waldorf, and he dodged them, jumping high into the air, and flipping. As he came down, one of the dastardly Dark Elves stuck his long blade into my foe. He screamed out for help, realizing who we were.

Adelaide moved past me, her bow coming up, another arrow broke the air. A sickening thud could be heard as the arrow found its mark, and kept going through its target. The Dark Elves face looked shocked, he held his gut for a second, and then fell forward onto his face; dead. Fereydoon let out a squawk that I took as a word of kindness about the amazing shot.

The Drow decided to focus their attention on Tobias over the helpless Waldorf. They attacked as though they were one person. It was very apparent they had worked together many times. As one blade came down, Tobias would instinctively go to parry it, while the other Drow darted in with an attack on his flank. Tobias was hit several times in the exchange, but appeared to be faring well. He was in good spirits even in the heat of combat, and continued to battle on, even with blood running down his half sized body.

Elliandor uttered an ancient song of the Feywild, and its very essence crept into Cambrya, binding the wounds Waldorf had sustained. I was taken aback. They were helping the monster that had rallied us as a group. I was not leaving with Waldorf, he must be destroyed. Scarlet called out to Waldorf, reassuring him that he would be safe, and built confidence in the others. It was as though Scarlet could speak to our hearts. As she struck the Drow, Tobias seemed to regain even more confidence; he struck out at the Drow nearly taking one down. Iz’Bryn was still nowhere to be seen.

I searched deep within myself and remembered how Waldorf wanted to throw me out of the window at the Inn. I thought it would be a good fate for him. I focused on him for a moment, seeing him floating in my mind. He followed suit in reality, his legs kicked about as I sent him around in a circle before slamming him into a nearby enemy who seemed distracted at this time. When they collided they both fell to the ground and my mind’s grip on him slipped. I shook my head in defiance.

“Oblitus! Leave him be! He is with us!” Scarlet shouted out. I was not sure what to do. I heard the crying of the girl behind me, and decided in the moment that I would see to it the Drow would die. There was plenty of time after for Waldorf.

Adelaide let loose another volley, and another Assassin fell to the ground. She was quite adept at killing these Dark Elves. There was only one remaining. The Dark Elf put up a good fight, his blades clinging from various strikes being deflected. He was determined to kill someone if he had to die. Tobias wasn’t having it though, nor was Elliandor, or Scarlet. They all descended on him, and a moment later the Drow dropped to the ground dead. He was no match for the combined skills of these great warriors.

The snowy ground was now caked in blood. There was an awkward silence for a moment, as it began to sink in what had just happened. Seven Drow were dead, four humans, two of which were just ordinary townsfolk. There was a poor girl who was probably scarred for life from seeing her mother’s neck sliced open. Yet, in all the despair, there was hope. We were all alive. We were all safe, at least for the moment…

It's Not True

Things were going so well. I was at peace, for the most part, with myself and my issues with Valence. The last couple of days I was happy, riding to Falgard and then take out a cave full of goblins. I mean with goblins it’s simple. They are evil, they are mostly stupid and removing them from this world can only make it better. But nothing can be simple can it?

They claim that Valence and who I can only guess was Stark killed Tristan Redfield, when Valence went to talk to him. Who can believe this crap? With all that he has done, and all that he is, how can they pass judgment? Something is going on here and I don’t know what. But whatever it is, they used Valence’s trip to see Redfield as the time to set the plan into motion. Is this like a chess game? Is whoever is doing this, ten steps ahead? Or a spur of the moment thing?

I wish that Rynn hadn’t told me, then I could have handled the job and afterwards focused my attention on what’s important. But I really couldn’t expect him to hold that weight for that long and I have no idea what I would have done to Rynn if he had kept it. What I need now is to get word to my father, with people he knows, he might be able to get me a lead. Last I know he is free, but that could change. He could be captured or he could be…

NO! I won’t think that, he’s fine, he has to be.

Hold on Valence, I’m coming soon.

But before that, goblins… congratulations, I get to take out all my anger Out On You!

If rocks could talk. IV

The water was cold; it reminded me of the Astral Sea. It felt like I could float around, just like I had for uncounted years in the cold darkness of the Astral Sea. It immediately sent me back to when I was hit and lodged against “The Shining Star”, a vessel that travels to different worlds, and planes of existence. When it had struck me, I still not had understood that I had extremities, and so I just laid there in pain for what was probably a couple days. Eventually I figured out that I had arms and legs, and climbed aboard the ship.

The chaos that ensued sent me reeling. The ship had many people on it, as I had never encountered anything but the darkness before, it was quite unsettling. I heard them talking, but I didn’t understand what any of it meant at that point. I couldn’t correctly communicate with them either; I didn’t know how to talk. They were yelling at me, and eventually subdued me. I was banished to the Orlop until they could figure out what to do with me. A few hours later I had the pleasure of meeting Lloyd, he is my greatest friend, and saved me from what would probably have been an unpleasant journey back into the unending space that is the Astral Plane.

Lloyd untied me, and talked to me calmly, trying to figure out where I had come from. He was very patient, and wasn’t frightened like the others on the ship were. He wasn’t like them at all, in fact, his head floated around, and looked as though it was bathed in light. As the days went on, I discovered that I could communicate with him by thought. It took a while, but I caught on pretty fast, and before long we had the basics down. We were heading to a place that would allow us to travel to a great city called Sigil. Lloyd assured me that he would make sure I was safe. He arranged for my paperwork, and even found a place where I could earn some money in Sigil doing translations. My mental communication proved to be beneficial in this city where all forms of life were welcomed.

Lloyd knew that there were others of my kind, but was not sure where any of them were, but promised me that should he find them, he would send them my way. I was excited by this idea, because I felt so alone. There was no one to teach me about who I was, no one could tell me why I was here, what my purpose was. Lloyd tried his hardest, but in the process of trying to find more of my kind, he discovered that I was not safe in Sigil. I was a rare life form, and people wanted to enslave me, so he bought me passage to a place called Cambrya. I had to go through many portals before reaching the vessel that would transport me to this new land. Lloyd told me that I should go to the Boars Beard Inn, and wait for a contact of his that would take me to safety.

If it were not for Lloyd, I would have been captured. I am very thankful that I met him, he has allowed me to maintain my freedom, and given me a chance to find my own kind. Lloyd gave me the chance to meet my new friends; Fereydoon, Tobias, Scarlet, Iz’Bryn, Elliandor, and Adelaide. What an adventure this has become. I am starting to wonder if Lloyd knew what was going to happen along the way though.

I do not exactly feel safe. I do feel welcomed, but not safe. Iz’Bryn could kill any of us, and march off into the night without thinking about it. He is a killer, it is in his races nature. He is trying to become good, and fight off his instinct, but I am not sure that an Eagle could ever become a Dove. Elliandor was ordered to protect me, and the same people that gave him that order, told some others to capture me. Which order will be the one he keeps? He seems like a very nice guy when he isn’t arguing with Iz’Bryn, or Scarlet. When I had arrived at Lloyd’s Inn, I met a fellow by the name of Waldorf who said he was sent to protect me, and ended up trying to capture me. Now even this guy is traveling with us! Scarlet seems to think that he won’t hurt me, but he refuses to be honest with me, and I suspect that if he is ever left alone with me, that he will turn on me.
The only people I feel I can trust are Tobias, who is gentle and kind to me. He has never been mean, never yelled at me, and never tried to kill, or hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it. Adelaide seems only interested in getting to Atria, and I don’t fear that she will harm me. Plus she has Fereydoon, and lets me play with him, so I am pretty sure she wouldn’t be after me. Because of her, I have been able to learn a great deal about birds, and am thinking of raising one of my own if I ever get the chance to find some eggs, or a hatchling.

I know scarlet has put her life in danger to rescue me, and to escort me to Atria. Now, Iz’Bryns’ people have captured Scarlet, and want to trade her for me. And we are going. I am not sure what Lloyd would tell me to do, I really wish I could communicate with him, but he is in Sigil, and as hard as I have tried to contact him, I think he is to far away. I don’t want to die. I have just begun to live. I hope this isn’t a trap set by Iz’Bryn to capture me. I will trust that Lloyd had this all planned out for me, and continue forward on his plan. I will help rescue Scarlet, and I will not perish. I will defend my companions, as they have defended me. But I will be alert. I will watch, and listen, I will defend myself first.

I've never felt so lost.

There are three things that i could always count on: Water is wet, Fire burns, and Roark always returns.

Roarks laugh, that was the first thing I had noticed. We were young and he always had such high spirits. Even when times were the toughest I could count on him to lighten the mood. With him by my side not even the most dire of situations could over come us. He was strong, light hearted, and reliable.

In our village there was a team of hunters. Roark being the head, Vince Linstead his second in command, followed by Willem May’naair, and lastly Percy Cowan. I would raise the falcons that They used, along with Willa, Willems twin sister, we ran a small shop on the side. Now it was a normal occurrence for the team to be out for a year or two at a time. We would communicate via notes delivered between us by the falcons. When a bird would arrived with a message they would land on their perch, which would set off a bell to alert us.

This time was different i could feel it in the way the wind rustled the canopy, and the unusual quiet it brought with it. I had just come to find out I was pregnant. Roark had just been requested to take the team on a special mission and It pained him to leave us at such an important time, He never said it, but I could see it in his eyes. His emotions were written all over his face. He should feel relieved that i could handle myself should the need arise. He taught me everything he knew after all.

I grew ill towards the end of the year. It was around this time our corresponding slowed.

We lost our child.

The following year passed quietly. Willa married a bright young fellow she had been courting for the past 2 years, named Henry Van Cleve.

Another year passed, and another and another. Sometimes we wouldn’t receive a letter for months at a time, when things were getting tough.

Another year was upon us. I was in the foyer of the shop at the time. Willa was tending to some linens in the back. I heard a familiar chime of the message bell. It was Fereydoon, my husbands falcon. He had no message, only a kerchief with an object i had never seen before inside. Something was wrong. Willa could take care of the shop and henry had really taken to falconry like a duck to water so i wasn’t too worried. They promised me they could handle things.

I set out with Fereydoon. I decided the best place to start my search was Atria.

It was the last place I had received a letter from Roark.

If rocks could talk. III

The Forest gave us another treasure! I wish they would believe me about the forest. We protect the birds, and the forest will watch out for us and help us! I am glad that Fereydoon is alive again. Death seems strange to me. I wonder if I was dead when I was floating around in the Astral Sea. I remember waking up, was that me waking up from death? Was that me being born? Was I asleep? I am not sure what we are going to do when the forest leaves us another treasure… Henry is getting filled with the chests, and there might not be enough room after the next one. Maybe I can make it float around. If we skip camping for a few days, we can make it to Port Atria, and maybe we can figure out what to do with these chests so that will free Henry up for more! I wonder if they are going to leave me once we arrive. I like them all, even if they get angry with me for asking so many questions.

Tobias is kind of lazy, but he makes up for it by being funny, and very good with his swords. I am glad he was hungry that day at the Inn, because without him, I think I would have been caught by Elliandors friends.

Elliandor might get ordered by his friends to kill me, but I don’t think he will listen. When he talks to me he is calmer than when he talks to the others.

Iz’Bryn has been slipping lately, but he is a drow, so that is normal. I think. Scarlet doesn’t seem to think he is evil still. I just don’t know why he is allowed to carry around heads, but I am not allowed to. I didn’t throw them at anyone, I just wanted to make them move around like they were people!

Oh, and the lady with Fereydoon, I really should remember her name! That bird is spectacular. I hope that one day she will show me how to talk to birds and be their friend too. I think I would like a great bird to accompany me too. I want a baby bird though, so I can watch it learn to fly, and maybe figure it out too. Oh, but he will have to have a great name, and he can’t die either.

I wonder what spriggles is doing now that we have left. I bet he is looking for more baby dragons. Maybe he is the leader of the town now!

I think Stark might be one of my people. He doesn’t look like me, but he acts like me in some ways. He isn’t like everyone else. I do hope to meet him again, I think we have a lot to teach each other. I am thinking of maybe saying my name like he did. Oblitus likes that idea.

These horses are so strange, I am glad I am able to ride one, but how amazing would a horse be if it had wings! They would look funny, I wonder what they would eat? Birds eat bugs, and horses eat grass, so maybe grasshoppers?


As soon as I see him, everything washes away. All the anger, all the frustration, all the desire to just strike him square in the jaw.

He looks the same, but different. That same smile, that same hair, but he looks bigger. He’s always been taller than me, but now in that armor, he looks as if he was a statue brought to life.

He hugs me, I hug back. He messes with my hair, I hate that , but with him it’s ok.

Ah, the baby bird story, I remember it… differently. He plays me up as Rynn does, but without a hint of it being forced. He truly thinks the world of me.

He helps clean the kitchen. I might be crazy, but I think he tried to hook me up with one of Seamus’s daughters. He knows how to make a pie? What can’t he do?

It takes all that I have to even ask to spar with him. What is wrong with me? Why am I such a different person when he’s around?

It finally dawns on me, he brings out the best in all around him. That’s his gift.

That’s Valence, he’s my brother… And I love him.

If rocks could talk. II

Oblitus sat on henry in the corner of the cave, holding the skipping stone he found on the swamp beach. It was unusual for the Shardmind to sit in solitude

“Things are getting worse!” he thought to himself… I keep putting us in peril. I wish I knew what my purpose in Cambrya was. I wish I knew my purpose in general! I like gnomes, they are so energetic. They know their purpose. I wish they wouldn’t have captured the baby dragons though, that was not pleasant. Iz’Bryn, and Tobias almost died today. I need to learn to fight like they do. I feel the power inside myself, and I know I could have made a difference, I must learn to focus in combat. I don’t know what I would have done if they would have died. The feeling of acid is not pleasant, seeing a crossbow bolt lodged into Iz’Bryn wasn’t a good thing either. I have noticed that we work best when our lives are in immediate threat. Lives… Fereydoon died… It won’t be able to fly freely again. I wonder what happens to birds when they perish. I wonder where all the creatures go when they die. What will happen to me? I am alone now, will I also be alone in death?

I will not allow myself to die. I will not allow another bird to die. I will not allow my companions to die. I will use the power I feel inside me. I will protect life. I will fly.

Oblitus heard some cheering in the cave, and looked up to see what was going on. Fereydoon let out a sound, and flapped it’s wings. It had returned to life. Oblitus stared at it, as a million questions formed in his mind.

Just a Drow

I have seemingly failed you Dawson, while be it quite momentarily my boorish behavior may have endangered the lives of my traveling… companions.
I dont even know why I write to you, like your looking down from the infinite expanse of the heavens into my book as I write, and keeping tabs on me. Yet I believe it makes me feel better.

Perhaps it is the fact that I am traveling with races and types of people that I would normally be slaughtered for associating with. Such an odd assortment as well:

- the halfling proficient sword wielding warrior, with a jovial spirit, be weary of his tricks, from what I understand halflings like to joke and kid around which may also include the thievery of some pack items. Excellent swordsman, knows how to fight multiple targets at once. Name: Tobias

- the giant rock like creature, has the inquisitive nature of a new born. Still dont understand why I was sent to protect said rock. Once we take him to the temple, hopefully, I will find more. Giant rock creature, also telepathic, can levitate items as well as speak in minds. Unsure if he can read thoughts. Name: Oblitus

-Eladrin – Bard of sorts, also uses the fey wilds, sometimes just to show me that he can. Most of what I have heard about Eladrin proving to be true, pompous asses. However, for what ever reason he is doing his damndest to prove himself just as I am, and is having a harder time… well perhaps not now… to do that. He is able to wrap some sort of magicks around his words and tunes to both heal and to destroy. Watch for betrayal. Name: Eilliandor

- Elf woman. Archer with a bird. God damnit, another elf. In tune with nature perhaps another one in tune with fey wilds, hopefully not. Dont know if I can take so much “goodness” shoved down my throat. Name: Unknown.

-Half elf Paladin of Avandra, At this time unsure of how long she will be staying with us, perhaps just to the port of Atria. Hopefully she stays. While it is nice to have someone who “trusts” me I do not need an elder of the church breathing down my back everytime I make a mistake. Still have many questions of her when she is less angry, mainly about Simon, possibly her lover. Name: Scarlet

Yes, this could be the reason why I momentarily stepped back into my old ways of hate and revenge. Or perhaps it was due to the gnomish subculture that obviously isnt all unlike my own, the struggle for power growth and obvious lying lead this small village, or family, to attempt training black dragons in a swamp and leading to the death of four guards of Brightcliff to be slain. Four gnomes (one survivng) and three dragons we’re put down, two apparently by a dragon. I wouldent know, I was unconscious from a well placed hit with a crossbolt bolt by one of the damndable gnomish brothers.

Perhaps this was the reason why I cut their heads off and presented them to their father Dawson, I was angry… I reverted back to my old ways. I feel no remorse for the act, the only twinge I feel is the disappointment of Scarlet, when she told me I was “Acting just like a Drow”. I do not hold it against her, she did not grow up in my society. Hopefully she or the rest of my traveling group will not hold it against me long. Hopefully they can understand the struggle. I do not claim to be perfect, I try to do the right things these days – do the things you taught me Dawson, I am bound to slip…

… I am just a Drow…


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