Cambrya the Second Age

The Clang of Blades
by Owen

“*RYNN!? RYNN!? Where is that boy?*” ask the woman.

She was older and tanned from the sun; her brown hair blew in the wind as she finished pulling the clothes off the line. She turned to look across the field and smiled.

“*Coming mom!*” said the little boy.

Rynn was a small boy not older than ten or twelve summers. He approached his mother and gave her a tight comforting hug.

“*Rynn, what have you been up to?*” ask his mother lovingly.

He just smiled and said nothing. He helped her gather up the rest of the clothes and followed her inside. It was just the two of them; Rynn’s father had left for the military shortly after he was born. It was said he died valiantly in the field of battle, but Rynn never knew for sure. The cottage was small, but comfortable; the fire burned and gave the place a nice glow of a happy home.

Rynn’s mother looked at him and smiled, “*So tell me what you were doing today*” as she folded the clothes.

“*Nothin’ really, just helping Ol’ Paws at his farm*” he looked up, “*do you think we could have a farm one day?*”

She laughed and shook her head, “*I don’t know dear, it’s a lot of work to run a farm. It is just us.*”

Rynn’s shoulders drooped a bit, his mother noticed and said, “Maybe I can talk to Ol’ Paws and see if we can borrow a little corner of his field. Get you started on your own farm.”

At that Rynn perked right up and he began jumping around the room.
That night after Rynn’s mother had cooked them both a meal and laid him to rest, she went about cleaning up the house a bit and taking some time to herself. As she sat down to knit she heard a noise coming from outside. She couldn’t make it out, so she headed for the door to see what it was. When she stepped outside the smell of smoke was thick, and she could see the glow of the fire coming from the village. Then she heard the loud clang of sword against sword, suddenly she saw movement in the field and ran back inside, locking the door. Doing her best to stay calm she snuffed out the fire and made her way to Rynn’s bed.

“*Rynn! Rynn, honey*” she said in a whispered nervous tone, “*I need you to wake up.*”

Rynn’s eyes fluttered open and he rubbed them, “*Wha… whats going on mom?*”

She smiled, but he could see the fear in her face.

“*Come on, dear. I need you to come with me.*”

A loud pounding came from the door that startled her and Rynn. She scooped him up and made her way to her room. Rynn looking very freightened, began to sob.

“*Who is that mommy*”, he cried.

She set him down on her bed and pushed a chest toward the wall, “*Honey, I need you to stay calm. Please, Rynn*” she looked at him with love and concern as she shoved the chest under the window.

The pounding continued and they both heard the door crack.

She knelt down by Rynn and put her hands on his face, “*Listen to me Rynn. If something happens. Anything. You run. Run as fast as you can toward Brightcliff. Look for The Sailors Way, it’s a shop and the owner should recognize you.*”

She looked deep into his eyes making sure he understood, “*You understand, Rynn.*” The door splintered

Tears running down his face he nodded, “*Run. Brightcliff. Sailors Way.*”

She turned and kicked her door closed, placing a chair to lock it in place. She then picked up Rynn and helped him through the window.

Rynn spilled out the window with a thud and looked behind him. He saw his mother climbing through the window trying to shimmy out.

“*Go Rynn! I’ll catch up!*”

He turned and started to run, he hadn’t gotten halfway across the yard when he heard a thick, sickening thud; he spun. Blood dripped down the outside wall as he saw his mother being pulled back inside, from his left two ugly men came around with short blades and toothless grins.

“*Here’s the boy*”

They charged and Rynn put his hands up in defense screaming for his mother; two meaty thuds against the ground was all he heard. As he opened his eyes he saw both men pressed to the ground by an unseen force, each trying to push their way off the ground, with little success. Rynn, shook his head and felt really woozy, got up from the ground and began running.

Run. Brightcliff ’ was all he remembered. The smoke permeated the air and he sound of clanging blades echoed in the distance.

They don't make them like they used to

Ah, night time, my only time of solace. I have my sword put away and I am pretending to be asleep. As long as she doesn’t notice me move much she won’t know I am writing this. I have found a magical and cursed item. It started out as a rock and then turned into a sword for me to use. She calls herself Mia and talks ALOT. After letting her go onto the ground and picking her back up out of free will, Mia the sword has bound herself to me. Mia claims that now we are married and our souls are bound together. A man and a sword married really? I already am married and have children. The sword says that I must divorce my wife now. That is not going to happen.

This sword is crazy, and possibly dangerous. Apparently, I need to ask her whether or not I may use her in combat. If I don’t she gets mad and will do strange things, and I can’t use another sword around her or she will get even more mad. Case and point, today me and the rest of “Dragons Bane” actually got in a fight with a huge black dragon. I ran up to the dragon with my friends. I started swinging into the dragon with my friends when suddenly Mia put herself away because I didn’t ask permission to use her. Now I am standing next to a dragon with only a shield, she literally sheathed herself and wouldn’t let me use her, now I am standing next to a beast four times my size that wants nothing more than making smores out of me and my friends, and it looks like I am going to be the graham cracker. Thinking quickly I pull out my other sword a trusty magical sword. I cut into it deep with three consecutive slashes, and the dragon is starting to look bad. As soon as I finish my third swing the sword I am holding sheathes itself while I am still holding it. It was Mia she was mad because I was using another sword. So now we are arguing like a married couple would next to a dragon, as if saying hold on this is more important than you right now we need a little time to figure this out.

I had to plead with my sword to help my friends. As my friend Emiel is unconscious under the monstrous foot of the dragon. I still was trying to persuade the sword to let me use it. Finally before he got crushed the sword relented and I slashed into the dragons leg yelling for Emiel to wakeup and move so he did not get crushed. He was able to roll out of the way just in time. I have to figure out how not to let something like this happen again because next time I might not be so lucky and she might not want to be used.

Before this point in our journey I could not wait to make it home, but now with this sword I am not ready to go back. I don’t know what would happen first, either my wife would kill me for what has happened, or the sword will try to kill her. I hope that we can figure this thing Mia out before something terrible happens, like me going M.I.A. Oh, crap shes trying to wake me up. I have to go Im sure I will write more on this later.

The Goblin (With Drow on the Side) Job

The recurring problem that we seem to be having are the costs for each job we get done. Inevitably someone dies in the process of us trying to do the right thing and make the world a better place. With the bandit job the boy that asked us to kill his father lost his innocence and his father in the same day. With the jackalwere job Rynn was poisoned and still suffers from it and I screwed up and killed the leader of the town that was being used by the jackalwere’s. The group then sent three jackalwere children with Woldorf, a conman that promised to take them to a safe place for them to grow up away from the evil that we found in the village. We have a great track record so far.

So we get handed a simple job go to the Goblin Cutter Caves and clean out the goblin infestation there that is plaguing the surrounding lands. Audgeir decides to leave us and join up with Redfields army. Not to terribly sad about this since its a lot more peaceful without him around, what with the lack of people getting punched in the face and tables thrown at them. We arrive at the Port of Atria and decide to hit up the Bitter Mammy for good food like always. We meet and talk with Captain Brighton at the gates about currant events and get some information about the caves. On the way out of the city we end up leaving before dawn on the recommendation of Captain Brighton, later finding out the reasons for that.

Traveling through Falgard we came across Sir Craig Thorton, his Squire Pup, Sir Darvor Corsic, and Kindocare a dragonborn, all of which are knights. They meet and then travel with us showing us the way to the Goblin Cutter Caves. Since Halbrecht had business with Sir Darvor we agree to take Pup with us into the caves swearing to Sir Craig that no harm will come to him. Initially everything was fine, the traps were above average which was a question of where they came from and the goblins were stupid and easily slain. We find out that there are drow in the caves which explains where the expert traps came from. Oddly enough this information came from a rock with the soul of a woman named Mia in it, that transformed into a sword and bonded with Rosslin’s soul calling her his wife, arn’t cursed items fun.

More traps, more goblins, we go deeper into the caves. We find a secret passage leading us to an intelligent goblin named Gnarm that somehow is adopted as Rynn’s apprentice. To the goblins credit he has useful information about the caves and why the drow are here. Right here is where our mistake starts and everything starts going to hell. Audgeir had retured to us right before our encounter with the rock. We find out from Gnarm that around 3 dozen goblins and hobgoblins are going to return from patrol and that the drow outpost here is out to assassinate me and my brother. I start to run back to the knights to tell them what is happening but get stopped by the group so we can talk. Not wanting to tell Gnarm I am one of the drow that the drow here are out to assassinate, I was going to use an alias, Pup questions why I would need an alias and I finally just explain to him who and what I am. He dosnt like that I am a drow and that I decieved him but seems to accept it at least tentatively. Audgeir however badgers him about who he really is and how him decieveing us is the same thing as me not telling pup I am a drow until he finally tells us he is the son of the king of Falgard. Audgeir then pulls us aside away from pup to explain what happened at the army and how Valance was framed by drow for the murder of Redfield. This leads us to debate what to do for awile, while we are debateing Rosslin joins Pup and they head back to the knights. Along the way 2 drow ambush and murder pup then get slain by Rosslin and Halbrecht who joined the fight at some point.

We find the other two drow from the murder of Redfield dead in their command center slain by the two drow stationed in the caves that have fled the caves. Searching the room we find some information about what is going on and gather it all up to present it to the Knights. We find a system of vents and levers that can be used to listen in on the various area’s in the dungeon explaining how the drow found out what was going on and who everyone is, they listened to what we said.

Using the back entrance we exit the caves and meet the knights at the front explaining what has happened. They are upset and don’t believe our story. According to Falgaurd law trial by combat will prove who is right. Halbrecht then fights Sir Darvor and wins. What a messed up system of law. Shortly after the fight a black dragon descends and attacks us. A fairly brutal fight takes place ending with the dragons death. We head back into the caves to make sure we didn’t miss anything in their command room and then leave to return to the adventuring company with plans to travel to Solston and try to prevent a war with the little evidence we have proving Valances innocence.

Reflecting on the goblin job, it was not worth the cost of completion. Pup died because we were negligent again and no matter what anyone says I will always feel that it was my fault. I really have to question if I should be an adventurer. I keep feeling like I am making the world worse. I hope that whatever comes next goes better than our last jobs.

A very discouraged Richard.

The Best Medicine

As I fall into the snow, I see the Silver Dragon that was once Sir Craig, with his foot atop the Black Dragon. Raising his head to the sky with a roar sounding of victory. When I close my eyes, I can hear the sound which I’d think was bacon sizzling, only to figure it’s the acid finishing its burn on my armor. Then a sudden feeling take over me, it starts as whisper, but continues to grow. I can hear the sound of my own laughter.

Why am I laughing? This should not be funny, I almost died out here today. Is it the rush of battle? Or is it that I’ve seen history… not make that I was part of history today! Who can say they witnessed a trial by combat? Not many I’m guessing. Or have fought, let alone seen a dragon. Even Valence hasn’t fought one yet… not that I really wish he has the chance anytime soon.

I open my eyes taking a look at my sword hand, still quivering.

I can still sense the fear, it’s as if the feeling oozes out of the beast. Something that would have sent lesser men running. And a booming voice, thought what most of it said I couldn’t understand, I can tell a condescending tone when I hear one. Live in the capitol of the Eladrin for a while and you’ll learn it quickly. That dragon thought it could beat us, shows what it knew. What’s the saying… ah, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Stories will get told of what we’ve done, no question about it.

I sit back up looking at the red blood on the pure white snow, not the blood of the dragon of course, but the blood of two brothers trying to prove the truth.

What we’ve done, that goes both ways. Pup didn’t die by our hands, but he was our responsibility. And to be honest, with this being the second prince to die near a Laon brother, I can see why they would be unsure of what really happened. So to know the answer they had trial by combat with Hal defending us and his brother accusing. To see this battle reminded me of the stories of King Redfield in the same contest, blamed for something he didn’t do trying to prove his innocence. He was outmatched, but he won. Maybe Halbrecht did have the gods with him. I mean the fight started the way I thought, with Darver cleaning his clock, but after a cheer from Roslyn, things turned around.

I can still feel myself laughing as Rynn looks at me a bit confused.

Maybe I’m laughing because if I let things get to me too much, I’ll never be able to keep going. I mean we all have goals, hopes and dreams and we’ll never reach them if we don’t go forward.

With that I pick myself up, dust myself off and start walking to join my friends.

Show no fear

It seems the fires of my journey have been stoked once more.

That eerily complacent woman had said that he was injured. I was afraid of this outcome but i can’t let it get to me. I can only pray for his well being. However i should not get my hopes up. These woods are as treacherous as they are dark. What an unholy stench it exhumes.

She offered us blood pie, I refuse. Iz’bryn had so much, disgusting. What if there had been something in the pie. How trusting of him.

Now they sleep in the temple of Vecna. How they manage to get any kind of rest is beyond my comprehension. It’s a little disturbing. I eat a few of my rations, and feed some to Fereydoon as well. He has done so well.

We were awakened by the sound of people outside. Being overtly obvious. They were trying to draw out the undead to clear a path to the south. The way I need to go to find Roark. The woman asks for blood to lure the beasts out. I volunteer, though Tobias jumped in and said he would do it instead, probably out of some kind of “Chivalrous” nature. But it doesn’t matter, I still give her my hand.

The woman lycanthrop said that she had come across Roark. She helped him, or at least that’s what she said. I should have asked more questions. I just…don’t think the rest of them need to be burdened by the details, it’s not their journey nor their quest to find him.

We battle vampire Drow. They are more disgusting than watching Iz’Bryn eat the blood pie. We cut them down quickly and start down the road, giving space to these people who called themselves Watchers.

Our party is stopped by the vampire Ulysses. He tells me he also knows of Roark, I’m especially worried at this moment, but i can’t let him see my weakness in fearing for his safety. It will do me no good to over re-act. I should have sank an arrow into that man, but we need his help to find scarlet. To find Roark.

I do not wish to burden these people with my search, but if i am to find roark in these woods i may need their help. I clutch the object that Fereydoon had brought back to me. I had attached it to a string which hangs within my armor.

Please hang on Roark, And you too scarlet. Soon we shall be re-united.
Soon we will be out of these dark woods that reek of evil.

The Calling of the Heart
(by Cleon)

It is truly an odd turn of events that have led me to a chapel of Vecna. As I write this entry, I am sitting within the structure raised to honor the power of Ioun’s greatest rival. It is not as eerie or disconcerting as I thought it would be. To be honest, I was fearful of even stepping foot in such a place, but I realize that such emotion is wasted upon this place. I am glad to see I am not the only one that is mildly uncomfortable in this place. The Halfling squire Tobias, I know I have mentioned him before, and his courage has continued to impress me, although I haven’t quite figured him out yet, he also seems to have his guard elevated. I am glad he is here, he reminds me that even in the darkest times there is light. Poor Oblitus. I want to tell him about Vecna, but he is sometimes like a child and I would hate to put more upon his mind.

Elliandor sighed and closed him journal. He sat looking at his companions. He was getting a headache. It had been building slowly throughout the day and the dull ache exacerbated his unease of being within a sanctified building of Vecna. He stood up and circled around the small building for several minutes, watching his companions as much as keeping a watch on the building itself. The night was unfolding and the silence was broken only by our breathing. No wind, no noise from the animals outside, and no chirp of insects. It was getting close to the end of the first watch when he finally made his way back to his pack. He picked up his waterskin and took a small sip and breathed deep to clear his mind. He sat back down and took up his journal.

I am worried about how this tale will unravel. Oblitus is experiencing life for the first time and so far “he” has seemed to embrace it with joy and curiosity. He is constantly asking questions about the most common of topics with a tenacity of a sage. His interactions with Simon though have proven that he is quite capable of revenge and he has demonstrated that he can kill as quickly as the drow.

I am still trying to work out my thoughts on the drow. He has faced his kind and killed them, but is that really anything new? He says he is from the same house as these but when do drow tell the truth? Given all my knowledge of their kind I am still in doubt of his character. He has showed both compassion and ruthlessness. Should I have left him to die in the swamp? Have I sealed our fate by refusing to allow even a glimmer of hope that he is truly changing? My logical, rational self says that he is a drow and that they have proven beyond a doubt that they are treacherous and lying fanatics that revel in the act of murder. But my heart tells me that not only can people change but that hope exists even for this drow. I have followed my heart before, several times, none have turned out the way I had hoped.

Eilliandor stopped writing and looked up at the drow, Iz’bryn. He was lying down, sleeping. Eilliandor sighed and shook his head. He thought to himself, “only a drow could be relaxed enough to sleep in a chapel of Vecna.”

Blood and Shadow - A First for Everything

Hiding behind one of the homes next to the temple of Vecna, Iz’bryn waits silently for the undead to arrive en mass. He quietly stows his long knives and produces his boomerang while watching the tree line like a hawk. Peering over at Simon, he catches his eye. Simon gives a slight shrug, ready to do whatever is necessary.

Slowly the undead make their way through the treeline, Iz’bryn stiffens a little remembering his last battle with them. Eyeing the group of the damned he slowly scans for a target, not that it matters, these creatures have no morale, destroying one has no bearing on the other. Disgusted with this thought that this is “just a target” Iz’bryn allows his eyes to get heavy, locking in the matter at hand. Gripping one of the blades of the boomerang tightly he winds back his arm slightly and flicks his wrist, hurling the boomerang at the side of the undeads head.

Iz’bryn catches the boomerang just as the top most half of the training dummies head slowly falls off, making a thud on the ground. He stares at his classmates that have now fell silent who were moments ago snickering and scoffing at Iz’bryn for training in such a “childish weapon” as they put it. “You are training to become stalkers of the night” Iz’bryn scolds them “Javelins, bolts and arrows leave evidence of our arrival. That is not what we are meant to do. If we were meant to be sloppy, then you would have been trained in swordplay like most of our other brethren.”

A slight chuckle was heard from behind Iz’bryn as Altonvyllrar stepped into the training arena. “He’s right you know. That’s why only a few of you, if any, will be given the opportunity to work solo rather than work in groups with the Shadow Legion.” His slight smirk turns into a stern expression “Now sit, todays lesson is important.” As the class takes a seat on the cold, damp ground, Altonvyllrar continues “Morale, my young apprentices, is what separates what we do… from the rest. We pick single targets or small amounts of groups that will most effectively wane our enemies morale. For instance, if you were to assassinate a common foot soldier, it may spread disdain and sadness to his closest confidants. Yet, if you were to disembowel the leading General or Captain of said foot soldiers, well… that will strike FEAR into the troops, giving them doubt about their mission, and hopefully causing them to flee and abandon.”

Altonvyllrar smiles evilly “This my young Drow, is your mission for tonight. We have a bold group of travelers dock about twenty miles from our home, they’ve hid their boat and camp quite well, but not well enough, our scouts have reported their exact position back to us.” He points to a table behind him “I have marked their location on a map, for you to use. Your mission for tonight, is to travel as a group, and pick one… only one target, the one that will cause the most influence to make them flee. Harm their morale, make them fear the darkness, make them leave hastily. We will have a group of Swordsman on standy, should you somehow fail miserably, do not… let it come to that.” With that, Altonvyllrar walks casually back into the dark corridors leading away from the arena.

The Drow students all looked at each other, having to work together now deciding on only one person to kill. Bickering started as Iz’bryn sighed and walked over to the map noting the location of the docked boat. With a load annoyed voice Iz’bryn said “Meet me in four hours, to the south exit, we will depart from there.” With that, the other students grumbled and packed up their gear to head back to their rooms.

Four hours later, Iz’bryn stood at the mouth of the cave exit, waiting on his classmates to arrive. Donned in his black leather armor and cloak, his hood already over his head. Once everyone arrived, Iz’bryn merely waved his hand and silently stalked his way through the trees toward their targets. Like puppets, the rest of the class followed. Two hours later, they arrived on the outskirts of the camp. There they saw a small boat, hidden by brush and a small group of humans sitting in a circle around a very dim lantern skinning rabbits and other wild game. From the looks of it, it seemed that the travelers had run out of food supplies, and stopped on this shore for a quick hunting expedition.

As the Drow settled close in to each other, they all surveyed the camp looking for an appropriate target, while slowly and silently moving within twenty feet of them. Not a sound was made from the incoming legion of training assassins, only slight hand gestures showed the drows arguments on whom they were going to pick. Iz’bryn did not take part, but slowly and steadily crept forward until he was within striking distance. He too, scanned the group of humans. Frail, weak humans that obviously had not been trained in any sort of swordplay. They could all be taken down just as easily as picking one out he thought to himself, but only one was allowed for tonight.

Thats when he saw her, no older than the age of seven. A blonde headed girl, playing with some sort of stuffed toy while her family hastily skinned their wild game. Iz’bryn locked eyes with the girl, he knew she couldent see him, but it felt as if she was staring into his very soul. In one fluid motion, Iz’bryn grabbed his boomerang and flung it at the side of the girls head…

The skull split in two and the skeleton fell down in shambles as the boomerang arced back around to Iz’bryn. “Damn!” He says quietly to himself while adeptly catching the returning weapon. “They’re still coming…thats a first.”

forbidden pie time

A violin plays a strange lilting tune and the room is dark. I tried to get up from where I was sleeping and walk to the latrine but I could only stumble towards the door. I managed to get to the door, DAM it was dark, and who the hell was playing that violin. I took a left down the hall feeling eyes on me, but seeing nothing I continued to stumble to the bathroom. God stairs are the worst damned thing to find when your fairly hammered. Oddly I didn’t remember drinking that much and would have continued on that thought had the stairs continued. They did not. After the first stair my foot hit air and I went careening down and found myself on the hot floor. Ugh my head hurt and I think I hit it on something… I looked around why the hell are the lights out? Stumbling to my feet I found them only to fall over again into something that was warm and kind of crumbly. "Frigid Cold of the north!!!! I swear to the nine hells and the astral sea someone’s head is gonna…… " the wall in front of me opened and I could see the waitress and the three guys from the table standing outside a giant oven. I tried to get up from the whatever I was in. “We have a surprise for you Narm we made you a special pie” the four of them said in eerie unison as the three huge people picked up the……………OH GOD I’M IN A PIE.
“We made the pie special for you Narm.” NO , NO , NO , NOOOOOO I bellowed, OH GODS NOOOOOOOO.

“I am going to have PIE time” a three headed Narm said while walking towards my pie prison hips thrusting .

Don’t do it Narm

“Oh its a SASSY PIE. This is gonna be fun PIE time” all three heads grinning and the obscene thing kept getting closer thrusting thrusting THRUSTING

Struggling to escape the pie that held me captive I broke free and punched the big Narm as hard as I could.

Cold sweat running down my back and forehead I awoke from my sleep and the room was dark. I, still feeling panicked looked around and it dawned on me. Something in the corner was groaning and my fist stung a little from hitting something really hard. I picked up a tooth from the bed sheet and rolled it between my fingers pretty sure it wasn’t mine.


Henry 1

Henry 2

Henry 3

And Now For Something Completely Different

6 Years Ago

“Are you sure you want to do that?”, says the voice. “Of course”, says another voice with a tone of unenthusiasm. “Very well”, with a sigh, “Checkmate!” The Black King tumbles off the board. “Emiel, I do not think you were paying attention, so let’s go over this again.”, says the first voice. “Ok, Dad”, says Emiel as he brushes some hair out of his face. Lumis starts to place the pieces back on the board, “You see in the battle of…” The voice fades away as Emiel tunes his father out.

Man this stinks, I wish Valence was still here. He had to go start his journey to become an adventurer and leave me alone with Dad. Now he’s got this big idea that I should be a historian like he is. So everyday it’s the legends about this, the traditions of that, and the laws of where ever. I mean I like the stuff about the battles and the wars, but Dad has to display it with games of chess. Chess? Really? I know Dad thinks the world of it. That it’s the battle of one’s mind against another. But I don’t want to think about it that hard, screw tactics, I’d rather just try something and see what happens. This whole historian idea, I don’t know if I want to do it. Not that I have any real idea of what I’d want to do. Maybe an adventurer? I know a bit of magic and what Valence taught of the sword, so maybe. But how am I supposed to tell Dad without breaking his heart?

Emiel turns to look at his Dad, who is still talking as he moves a few chess pieces around the board to add to his story. Emiel turns back to address the numbness he’s feeling in his posterior.

Gees, we’ve been sitting here far too long. And for what? All I see is an empty valley. I know we are going to visit Westhaven, the capitol of the Eladrin for a while, so Dad can do his historian thing. But of all the places, why here and why them? With all the races I’ve seen, they creep me out the most. I mean everyone else looks mostly human. A dwarf is shorter and has a big beard and I heard some of the women do to. Stick the beard on their feet and you got halflings. Elves just have pointy ears, so it’s not really a big deal there. But Eladrin, it’s those eyes, it’s like they are looking right through you, saying… hey I’m better. And I think they act about the same way. I know I’m just going to hate this.

“Emiel…Emiel!” Lumis’s words wake Emiel from his train of thought. “Seems we’ll continue this game another time.”, say Lumis as he points towards the valley. Emiel turns his head to see a massive, but extremely elegant city fade into existence. Emiel gains a small smirk on his face.

Well maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought.


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