Cambrya the Second Age

haiku or two

Be smart
Knowledge I must Give
To those who would like to live
do not run out first

Ode to battle
My wife is my steel
sun shining on my bright shield
We will never yield

Poor prince
Right before my eyes
two drow assassinate him
I am sorry pup

Events Unfold

the cold ice falling
evil perpetrates like flames
dragon bane’s purpose

we are not heros

Well I think I can safely say I have been talked down to more today than in my entire life. I am however taking it in stride. I am mainly doing this by not making that arrogant ass wear his innards on the outside. Although it is immensly tempting I know that richard and the others want him alive. I want him to speak for us at redfield’s hall. The only way for this to happen is to hold my tongue, and great mother grant me willpower my swordarm. I have made it my goal to protect this prince even if I think his land might be better served without him. He does at least even if nothing more than for a sense of propriety care about his people. I will serve him his glory and he will serve us by preventing a war. I have a feeling when ,if , we get to the north I will be fighting more that one honor duel in his stead. Right now though we must get him to the north first and fate seems to not care about our current wishes. What a foul curse, I can only hope that whoever put it on him made sure he deserved it. I will ask the wandering folk about it if I see them again. Seems that our night of fun and martial mayhem may not be done as there are screams coming from the docks. I was a bit caught offguard when some of the others said we go now. We just picked roslin up off the floor and we are not in good fighting condition. dont they remember that our main goal is to kee the pompous ass alive? Hopefully they will see reason, they may not like it but leading is not about saving everyone. Its about suceeding in your goals and keeping as many alive in the procfess even if it means sacrificing a few. We are not heroes at the moment we are an honor guard and while I dont feel this man deserves a true honor guard, being his guard our primary duty is to keep him alive and ourselves able to keep him alive.

I do not do poems. (barbarian grunt)


Loyal to a fault,
Halbretcht’s a door to door dwarf.
Dragon of dragons!

Less than a goblin

After wakeing up i have been able to meet the prince. I have to say i was a little suprised that i ranked less than a goblin, i mean sure drow are evil bastards and everyone hates them, but to be considered less than a goblin. I guess i really had no idea how much some people will dislike the color of my skin. More on this later, something just broke down the door to the mansion we are staying at.

Richards haiku corner:

What a wingman
the innkeeper falls
the pie is now defenseless
the piekick has won

My Prince
pompous and regal
demanding and yet caring
he is prince ridian

Drow in wait
Dastardly Bastards
drow hiding in the shadows
We will kill them all

Cambrya Haiku Corner

The Prince mocks my form
With bravado he wipes them
I stand there the fool

Booming Blade
Lightning wraps the blade
It thunders through to the core
The echo remains

Can’t leave you alone
Your sense of law and justice
will lead to your death

looking for the ok from the other players

looking at taking for my daily a power earthquake dragon’s rage but I want it to be ok with other players first. The rage makes it so when I am hit in combat creatures in 5 squares take my strength mod in damage. please say so if its not ok.


It was some time after midnight and the soft breeze through the trees and the crackle of fire were the only sounds.  Audgier was the only other person awake as Frostfire looked around the campfire.  Looked at the wrong way, each person in the group was a murderer, psychopath, or scoundrel.

Audgier, because of the events at the Biscuits and Gravy.  I’m sure that Audgier had  a reason to knock out the innkeeper.  I wasn’t paying that much attention at the time, but events after that just kept escalating.  Audgier punches the innkeeper, and thought everything was done with until the guards decided to draw steel.  That’s when Richard and I stepped in to defuse the situation.  I went to Audgier and kept him from drawing his sword and slaughtering everyone, barely keeping him in line as he keeps making things worse by egging them on, ready to murder them if they make the slightest move against him.

Rynn, because of his fanatical devotion to money.  I don’t know that anybody else has noticed other than Audgier, but Rynn keeps a tight fist on his purse strings.  When he sees the rest of us giving away money, especially when we’re being charitable, I can just see him crying on the inside.  He’s even declared that he would take the money from everyone so that they couldn’t spend it on frivolous things like charity and donations.  I wonder which is more important to him: money, or us?

Roslyn, because of what happened in the goblin caves.  Sure, he says that the drow attacked out of the darkness and killed Pup before he could act, but how much of that is really true?  He could have just as easily taken it as an opportunity get a knight killed.  Maybe the sword that he now carries held his action just long enough for him to not be able to act in time.  The item is cursed – I’ve seen it control his arm and forced him to put his sword away.  Who’s to say that Roslyn didn’t kill Pup when he was out of sight and then get attacked by the Drow?

Richard, though he’s a dark elf, is one of the more interesting of our little band.  He says that he’s not evil, yet he also murdered a man in cold blood because he was working with the jackal-weres and fed the jackal-were children human flesh from a meat locker in a village full of man-eaters.

Speaking of the village of jackal-weres, when we found the jackal-were children, I turned to Emil, as leader, and asked him what we should do about them.  I’d never encountered a situation like that before, and didn’t know what to do.  The first words out of his mouth have haunted me since: “Kill them”.

As I began casting the spell to incinerate the children, Roslyn stopped me and Richard started yelling at me.  Richard had stepped inside the hut when my back was turned.  I had almost burned Richard alive with the children.  I asked him to leave the hut so that I could finish my spell and everyone turned on me, berating me for trying to kill three innocent children, looking at me like I was the monster.  I looked to Emil for support, only to find the same look of disgust on his face.

Looked at wrong, we’re all a little bit of a monster at heart, but we’re not like that.  We fight for justice, fame, fortune or to leave a legacy behind for our children.  I trust the men around me and believe in them when things look shady, because I know we’re better than that.



By Shane

Respect is such an interesting word. Everyone wants it in some fashion it just varies the way they want it or go about trying to take or earn it. Respect has caused us to part ways with Halbrecht, well the lack of respect some of the group was showing. Not to Halbrecht but to the prince-ling Ridian.

It all started with our return and then departure from the next morning from the Port of Atria. We had gathered at the south gate and were awaiting the arrival of Rynn when a procession of guards, two wizards and Ridian the prince of Corbin. He demanded to know where the captain was and so I went inside the guardhouse to get him for him. The problem started with our group Audgeir isn’t exactly a people person and after only a few seconds openly mocked the prince. It wasn’t any better when rynn showed up and thought we were joking when we said that he was prince Ridian. Rynn was asked what he does and replied I am something of a wizard. Since prince Ridian felt his honor damaged he challenged Rynn to a wizards duel and after the explanation of how the duel works Rynn thankfully yielded resolving the situation somewhat. I was busy watching from the sideline keeping my mouth shut, the last thing I wanted was to hear the prince ask to see what I looked like. That would have been a death sentence. Now don’t get me wrong, Ridian comes off as one of the most abrasive, demanding, arrogant, people with the biggest entitlement complex I have ever seen. I can only make the assumption that this has something to do with how he was raised since the prince of Falgard was so courteous you couldn’t even tell that he was a noble. As the princes convoy left I waved down the last guard to warn him that the drow have assassinated two prince’s and will probably try to take out a third.

The situation with Halbrecht reached its breaking point at Hawkins. We basically argued about what to do next with the options of save Valence, head to Solsten, or travel back to atria to make sure that prince Ridian stays safe from the drow. I’m not going to repeat what was said, we can just sum that up by stating that respect left the building. Halbrecht becomes furious and storms out, the lack of respect and willingness to just leave the prince unprotected was shameful at best. He was leaving to do the right thing. In the end we came up with a plan for our group to find the prince and make sure he is kept safe and then try to persuade him to travel to Solsten with us to prevent a war. Meanwhile Halbrecht would take Third Spear and 2 of the drow and try to save Valance.

When it all comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter how the prince acts. Prince Ridian is still my prince and he is prince of Corbin. It doesn’t matter how they feel about it, we will keep him safe from the drow. Halbrecht is right they need to learn how to be respectful and I can only hope everything that he is doing right now goes according to plan and we get to see him again.

We caught up to the prince in a clearing with him surrounded by drow. Emiel ran in first engaging a drow, I ran in taking out three of them lightning fast and screaming “my name is Richard and you are all about to die”. Everyone else followed and the drow all fell. With the prince secure I scouted the edge of the clearing and spoted another drow running forward I shot him. 3 more drow dropped from the trees all attacking me, the priestess chanting to Lolth turned some of my blood to poison I turned her way and shouted “Sehanine take you”. The last thing I remember thinking after saying that wasthat maybe using my name to draw their attention and then mocking their god with mine wasn’t the best way to go about this, but man it sure did get their attention. Then the crossbow bolt from the one in front of me brought me down.


There are very few words to describe how i feel at this moment.

There we stood in the shadow fell immersed tower. The moment we set Oblitus’s trunk down it aged instantaneously. Whatever he is made of activated a giant portal into who knows where. My stomach churns. Iz’bryns brother jumps through it. Tobias figured out how to turn the portal off using one of oblituses rocks. Out of the corner of my eye i notice movement.

Two men emerge and demand that we hand over Oblitus. I refused. We all refused. But still they demand we turn him over. One of the men moves behind me and demands i step away from the stairs, so i shift over in front of Simon and a passed out Scarlet. I want to stay with them, but the others demand that i go with them. As if my life is theirs to control. This angers me. I’ve done nothing but help and yet they command me to do follow them. I comply with disgust. I have no idea where this portal leads, but where ever it is i know it will be farther from Roark who last i heard was injured.

They go through, i follow begrudgingly.

We appear in a tower that looks exactly like the one we just left, however it isn’t as run down as the previous. Light streams in through the cracks in the door. Something that the other tower didn’t have.

They ask me to track Iz’bryns brothers tracks. How can they ask me to do things for them when they only keep putting me in more danger, Getting me farther away from my goal. I’d been compliant up until now. I’m sure that if i hadn’t found out that Roark was in the woods, that i would feel less burned. A child passes by and agrees to take us back to the village.

Somebody snatches up the child and we draw our weapons including me. Upon further inspection i realize who it was.

Roark. My heart sank and i drop my bow. I run to him and he draws a strange weapon on me. How can he not know who i was. Something was wrong. How could he not recognize me. We’ve been married for 75 years. Then it dawned on us. This isn’t our home. This is some other plain. We’ve been displaced.


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