Cambrya the Second Age

questions of a father
When someone is gone for a long stretch of time we miss them and want to know many things about them. When a knight goes to war the princess he leaves behind might ask what he has seen and how many dragons did he slay. When a sailor leaves for the sea his son may wait patiently to ask whether he saw a mermaid and if he is captain yet. When a mother goes to market her sister may wonder if she has brought milk for the children. As I hold the small piece of paper in my hand I cannot think of what to ask the man who was once a father to me.

Where did you go? Did anyone else survive? Why did they attack us? Are you proud of me? the list of possibilities war inside me, each striving to be the one that fills that tiny space. Like some sacred memoir to the long dead in a capsule sent back in time this tiny paper will let me talk to a man who to me has long since been dead.

The pen in my hand moves as I try to force it to write everything in my mind all at once, but it is soon stilled by the cold grasp of doubt. If he survived why didn’t he tell me. Why did he hide from me? is he ashamed of who I have become. Ii swallow grit and sand as I choke down my doubts for the only man I have ever truly loved and longed to prove my worth too. I wish to ask my brother frost fire what I should say or even Rynn and his honeyed tongue what I should put.

There is however only one question I would ask of the man who left me on the field of the dead and hid from me my whole life. I want to know why you left? Why have I been alone for so long? Why should I keep figting so hard for a world that seems to care so little? Why shouldn’t I take the road that Simon wishes to take and just wench and drink until I die smiling and happy. Why should I try to follow honor to die like pup? Why should I follow duty and die like Redfield’s son? Why should the son of someone who didn’t even want him and could not even impress his guardian enough to stay aspire to more than taking what he can?

I simply put
and sign underneath.

My insides grind as I contemplate whether I even want to hear an answer. I turn away grab my sword and head off to war once again.

im so strong my singing muscle can kick you ass

I chop chop chop
and I chop chop chop
hack and slash and a chop chop chop
kick drow in the head
send barmen to bed
drink punch and yell and chop chop chop

I smash smash smash
and I smash smash smash
slash and crash and smash smash smash
make emiel red
and beat dragons dead
flip a table drink a beer wench and smash smash smash

I get slap slap slapped
I get slap slap slapped
flex and pose and get slap slap slapped
I get it in my head to have mia in my bed
SLAP!!!!! “no more singing”

sorry mia…


What has happened in a span of a day, and why don’t I really remember this?

Simon is the prince of Greyson?

Stark was sent by Valence to protect me?

Mia has turned against us and kidnapped Simon?

Ok Emiel, take a deep breath and think about this.

The third of this is the easiest to swallow, when that dark seal was broken and left both Rynn in the body of a Dragonborn and Mia in the body of a Drow, something was different about her. She was angry… or angrier than usual. I know we as a whole were not the best to her, but some of us tried. I had that conversation with Mia in Redfield’s camp though none of my words would help her. In truth I really didn’t know what to say, learning how to wield magic though a sword is easier than understanding women. I guessed I didn’t think it would come to her turning on us, just at most Mia taking her new body and being on her way.

But now Mia is leaving us… but I’m sure it’s not the last we’ll see her.

What was Valence thinking? Sending Stark to protect me. Does he think I can’t take care of myself? I even ask Stark that, but he states he doesn’t ask why he just follows orders. I mean it’s not bad he’s around, he was a worthy sparring partner and a more witty conversationalist than Audgear. This just makes me want to go find Valence sooner, so Stark isn’t ordered to follow me around. I never want to force him to do anything, I’d rather him want to do something for his own reasons. I see spark now, he’s not the same as I remember him from the spar we had in Rhubarb. He has a bit of a lip on him.

But now I know Stark isn’t here to protect me… we’re here to protect him.

Waldorf err Simon, the prince of Greyson? It’s hard to believe, but we seems to be bound by fate’s thread when it comes to princes, both good and bad. We find him in that village that’s clung to the past, sleeping with people he shouldn’t and wanting help to set their “gods” free for what was within. He even hits on Mia as a sword, making her feel more like a woman than with any of us I’m guessing. Seems women as his downfall as well as he gets caught, kind of serves him right that smug bastard. He’s a skilled guy with a blade, but his mouth is the more dangerous part.

But now Simon joins us… for our enemies are stronger and more fearsome than we thought.

Everything is such a blur, I think I need to sit down.

Another Crossroad.

Here we are standing at another crossroads, Mia has left us and nothing I said helped persuade her to stay leaving me with an empty feeling of failure. Sure we screwed up, we had problems treating her as a person when she started off as a cursed item. Such seems to be the course of my life, live, screw up, learn, screw up again, learn again. The only positive thing I can say is at least I don’t make the same mistakes twice.

So back to the crossroads. One path takes us after the drow cypher that could end the war. Another path takes us to a group of people that may have answers and one of which could be my father who I thought to be dead. When I think about it though I never saw his body and only had what I was told to go off of. Another path takes us with Simon to keep him safe. There is the path we started on that leads us to Grayson. Finally there is the path that protects Stark. Some of these we can do at the same time but this is getting complicated. So many things to do so little time.

In a perfect world I would like to pursue all of our options, I don’t think we have time though. If I have to chose I say we go after the drow cypher and end the war for good. They said that it had the information on how the drow are communicating and if it fell into our hands could end the war with the defeat of the drow. No matter what way this goes, at least come good came from it, we have a pile of dead drow and significantly more information about the war than we did before.

99 drow on the wall
I have made many concessions for my friends. The fact that we flew halfway around the world and the crimson song knew with enough time to gather cloaks for us to wear bothers me, alot. That is why, among many other reasons, I would not make a concession this time and wear the cloak. The fact that the man we met, whose true face we never saw, killed another crimson song member without me even seeing him worries me more. I did not trust a word he said, or his “noble” intentions in the slightest. I think the cloaks are tracking us, the crimson song have used us to kill some trouble causing rabble in their own ranks, or they intend to cause some grand machination and we are a cog to them or all three. Speaking has been getting me in trouble lately so I think I am going to keep my mouth shut about this. Everyone already sees it as a betrayal that I would not wear the red cloak and sneak in with them, but there are some lines in the sand I will not cross. Daggers and skulduggery all around I think I will keep my eyes open and my mouth shut. I will also be keeping my eyes open and my mouth shut for Mia. Even if she would just come back and be near so she is not affected by the death curse, I would be satisfied.

So I sit here in the storm weary from the days before waiting and watching for the next battle to come. Hoping I see it before it happens.

Letter to Mia

Mia I’m sorry, it’s my fault and I understand this now. I should have made an effort to get to know you. I shouldn’t have treated you like an item. I promised you from the first time I found you, that I would help you. In reality you helped me instead. I’ve learned that no matter what a person may look like they have feelings and should be treated like a person. If I could go back I would fix it. I would have got to know you. I would have tried to help you through a very tough circumstance. Mia you decided that you wanted to strike the rock emitting poison to try to help people, you where willing to sacrifice yourself for a chance at saving them. I realize now that you always tried to protect people. That is what I do too, that is why our souls bounded. Not because of some curse, but because you knew I needed you as much as you needed me. Together we saved many lives. I know somewhere deep inside of your heart, you know this is true. As a weapon you protected people, but now hatered has taken over. I hope this helps you understand. Like I said if I could go back I would still choose you. I would handle the situation better. I know that the hatred and anger you are feeling is partially from me. I’m sorry for that. I made a promise that I intend to keep. I said I would help you, and I still want to. By chance you became something that you weren’t twice. If you come back with me I will fix this. The group may not trust you, but I will help them understand. Some may want to kill you, I won’t let that happen. I hope this makes a difference, I hope to have you with us and safe soon. Roslin


From the journal of Richard

Here we are, betrayed by Mia, and off to rescue Simon. Its easy to hate her, to forget about forgiveness, to fall into the thoughts of the Drow filled with hate. I had to step back and calm myself I was about to take a step in their direction. I wasn’t raised by Drow and hate is so easy to feel I can only think of how bad it is for Mia completely enveloped in hate by the magic from the stone she shattered. I hope we can find a way to save her but I just don’t know how. Looking back we were jerks to her, none of us treated her like a person she was right when she said that. Even if she hates us maybe we can find a way to rescue her and Simon.

Everywhere we turn we are set upon by Drow directly or indirectly. First there were the Drow in the Goblin Cutter Caves, then the black dragon attack at the caves. The group of Drow that ambushed the prince, then the attack on the Port. We find land they poisoned and then a huge assault on the Hawkins adventuring company to capture Stark. Now we go to engage another group of them.

Considering how we started out its kinda funny that we are in the middle of a war. Its almost nonsensical how joining up with Emiel and becoming an adventurer has put us all here. Although it really might make more sense than it seems with the people in the shadows moving us around at the start of it all. Thats the thing I hate with these shadow games, you never know if what you are doing is what they want you to do. I suppose all you can do is do what you feel is right and hope it all works out for the best. As for me, I am going to get ready, we have another long trip and a lot of DB’s to kill, thats dastardly bastards for anyone not paying attention.

Gone threshing the Grain

I sometimes hate days when I can tell you “I told you so.” The curse licks at my heels like a dog looking for scraps and anything I leave in my wake belongs to her. Whether I send them there personally or they simply leave their fate is always the same. I wish Gnarm had not stayed at hawkins, I wish we had never visited brightcliff, and I wish Roslin had never picked up Mia. As I sit hear with a whet stone sharpening my sword I think of what could happen. I see drow breaking the last defense at Hawkin’s and gnarm bravely but foolishly defending and not hiding. They play with the defenseless goblin before they kill him burning the building with hawkins and his daughters in it. I see that cute woman, and her children, who wanted only my money in brightcliff. I see them being cornered by a dragon and eaten one by one from youngest to oldest for the dragons amusement. I see Mia.

How did someone so strong end up, so cursed. I admit I treated her like a sword at first and not as a person. How could Roslin who barely even holds a toothpick for a sword be worthy of something, someone so magnificent. After we found out she was a person, I was even more of a fool. I tried to hint to Roslin things he should be doing since she was a real person, like simply talking to her or introducing her. When she became a drow I couldn’t believe my eyes. A goddess given form. I could tell no man could ever conquer her at first glance. A warrior goddess who would only value an equal feirce in temper and martial skill. I was a fool. I took a moment and dreamed of what could be. Thats when I remembered I am I nightmare. I am a spectre given wings and leaving death in my wake.

I run the stone along my blade and I think of all those I have killed and those I am destined to kill. I am in hawkins bar and drow are dying all around as I try to protect Mia. They are shouting from outside and despite how it tugs at my insides I leave her side and rush outside. Even leaving them for a minute my friends almost fell under her shadow and so I pass her gaze to the drow in the trees and thresh them,… like wheat the cutting is remorseless. I am standing in the snow and the young man who smiles lets his dreams spill onto the snow. I will never forget his smile and, despite what he believes, he has proven himself a stronger warrior than any I have ever met. I know he would have died anyway, but to stand before the monster who demands his life and take it himself in dignity is beyond honorable. I think of the moment I am in the arms of the soldiers from the ancient war. The last thing I saw was second and third spear dying as we flew away and I know there will be none left. I peer into the future and see that same smile haunting me again. After he dies I return to the village and they clear a path from me as I walk to the familiar home. I knock, and when the wife and boy answer the one soul brave enough to translate for me explains. I hand the boy the sword and tell the man that I am the Queen’s servant and I bring only death. He may seek me as his father did and maybe he will release me from my fate or I will hand his sword to his son as I do now. Who was I to dream of family and love.

Dreams die hard and only broken memories can fill the hearts of monsters. When Mia turned from me and went to Simon I knew I would never love another as I did her. I would drink rivers for her. I would become so silent no one could speak in my presence for her. I would conquer all the kingdoms of the world so she could choose which one she would wish to rule. I would slay an entire army if they had captured her. She has chosen and she has not chosen me. As she leaves I feel myself die inside and I see the queen’s great wings spread open for her in welcome. I will be waiting forever, not because I can never be with her but because I am cursed and she knowingly stepped into the queens embrace. As I sit here and sharped my sword I wonder how long before the queen demands the monster in me once more. How long will it be before I am bathed in blood. How long before I reap what I sow and thresh souls to her cold embrace.

They walk up and I already know. Richard is mad, Rynn looks like he could explode in frustration, Frostfire is unreadable, which means he is probably seething, and I know. " Well the curse was fast this time. “I assume either Simon or Mia has done something and must be killed and the other is probably dead.” Someone says that Mia kidnapped Simon and has become full drow. I find myself hollow, like a frozen tunnel where the cold wind blows with no room for the warmth of dreams. I can’t help but wonder if Albrecht knew all those years ago and kept me anyway. Did he know what I would bring? Did he see some omen of what I would be and tried to take me away from the world? The queen has come calling your name Mia, all the moments of you life will be lost to time, like a song in a snow storm……Time to die.

So much power
Streaking across the sky, changing their words and ours so that they can all understand, a ship that crosses into depths I cannot imagine, and fighting titans. They may not be gods but men closer to gods I have never seen. I can honestly say I fear these beings in front of me. When I spoke of redfields army being able to march where is pleased and war where it wishes to make war I did not know such beings existed. Is this truly how far magic can be stretched and the hieghts man can reach. I now know that if these men wanted the life of any king in this world they could probably have it. I cannot imagine wielding such power. I cannot even imagine redfield wielding such power.

Their minds are so simple. I tremble to think what a slick tongue could do with these weapons. It almost seems like giving children cannons in a land of smaller children. These are men and women who fought Gods at the beck of Kings and made them retreat. I cannot let it show to the others, but I feel like a very small child in front of a grand knight in full regalia and knowing he could tske my life with a single stroke. They spoke of destroying themselves and part of me wishes they would, yet I can’t help thinking. What if something out there is big enough … that we need them.
I may be cursed, but if anything would be able to take the fury of the Raven Queen it would be these men. While I could never ask them to attack the queen to sever my curse, a man’s curses are his own to bear, I feel that this village and these grand warriors will live through anything she can throw at them.

things I don't share

I edited the previous entry if you want to re reread it.
When I saw H’roak getting ready to come with us I wanted pound his face until it was a hole but then I remembered that he is redfield’s general. The prince must have had a good reason for staying and redfield must have had good reason for sending this man. All I see is a burning reminder that I do not belong here. As he barks orders I cannot stand I simply comply. Does he mean to take this last thing from me. My family is dead my adopted family is dead every friend I have made except for the ones here are dead. I expect the woman in brightcliff to be dead for sleeping with me, Spriggles has probably gotten himself killed for listening to me, and I expect the ship I was on to be sunk and all hands lost such I feel is my curse. I am good at killing and the raven queen seems to have seen my presence as sufficient clarion call to notify the living of their imminent demise. The few people here are all the family I have left and I consider them all brothers. H’roak has already shown me I am not a northman anymore, is he looking to separate me from these last friends I have by taking my place.
The road is cold and orders sharp but my head is still elsewhere. I vaguely remember fighting some wolves and i remember h’roak yelling at frost fire. I should have defended him but he speaks with redfield’s voice and I cannot contradict that. Redfield, the prince, and the men here even that stupid sword and gnarm are the only ones I respect anymore and I would die for them. I also however listen to them and if H’roak is redfield’s general than he speaks for redfield and must be right. Thats about when I notice everything is dying.
I make comments about how its unnatural that everything is dying and how men of the north tend to be superstitious and that it could be a plot. Deep down though I know it is just the curse. The curse has a tall order to fill in the next few days, redfeilds army is big but if the land itself is death to all who touch it then that would do it. I know being there at the camp will kill them all I just thought it would take longer. I should have known better. I try to go off and speak to the raven queen to pray to her not to kill them, but I do not have the words and a murderer does not listen to its knife. I feel that is all I am now, a knife, death to some immediately a sign that death is coming to others


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