A woman cursed to be a sword and turned to a drow after a 1000 years. She loathes us


Mia is new to being a drow. As a sword she was lithe and had beautiful fillagri. As a drow she is stunning to look at, quick of thought and betrayal, with a savagry that can only be fueled by hate.


Mia has a past that none but time know. She loved and was cursed for her love. She was given the form of a stone that would become a weapon to any who picked it up and be soulbound to them for life and 100 years after. Roslin picked her up in a goblin cave and became married to her by the magic of the sword. Seeing herself as a burden and hated Mia did not hesitate to betray us when she had the chance offered to her. She was tempted by a true drow while in her new drow body and she embraced what she was becoming.


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