Cambrya the Second Age



The wind blows through my hair as we sail towards our destination. I’d be normally enjoying this, but right now I’m just going through the motions. There is just too much to think about right now.

How much is a soul worth?

Are different souls worth different amounts?

How many souls does it cost to fix things?

And don’t I have a right to decide what I would or would not sell my soul for?

I grip the wheel tighter as frustration pours over me. I turn to look at Audgear as he works the ropes and I shake my head.

That single minded fool! What was he thinking? Or was he thinking at all? I know he wants to help Mia, we all do, but we have a war in front of us and that takes priority. I’d think Mia would understand as well since she agreed to help, or she just wanted to follow her drow instincts to torture Simon.

And to talk to Vecna of all the gods, he’s one of those we are fighting against. It’s as if he’s turned traitor by making a deal with the enemy. Audgear can say he stated that no souls would be involved in the transaction, but he was dealing with the god of secrets and the undead, nothing was going to be in the up and up. He had no right to even discuss the use of any part of Dragon’s Bane without us in the conversation.

And in the end all that Audgear strived for maybe worthless if we don’t get the Mia and Simon in time.

Sweat beads down my forehead, I’m praying for the winds to pick up, to gain some speed, to have something good come of this day other than saving Hush. And in that moment a spark, a realization of the words Vecna said.

What were they again? Something that our souls were his unless… unless a god intervened on each of our behalves. That’s it! That’s the goal. I’ll show what I can become. I’ll survive this war, we all will. And when I die, which won’t be for a long… long time, I’ll have a god standing up for me because of what I am worth.



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