Cambrya the Second Age

They don't make them like they used to

Ah, night time, my only time of solace. I have my sword put away and I am pretending to be asleep. As long as she doesn’t notice me move much she won’t know I am writing this. I have found a magical and cursed item. It started out as a rock and then turned into a sword for me to use. She calls herself Mia and talks ALOT. After letting her go onto the ground and picking her back up out of free will, Mia the sword has bound herself to me. Mia claims that now we are married and our souls are bound together. A man and a sword married really? I already am married and have children. The sword says that I must divorce my wife now. That is not going to happen.

This sword is crazy, and possibly dangerous. Apparently, I need to ask her whether or not I may use her in combat. If I don’t she gets mad and will do strange things, and I can’t use another sword around her or she will get even more mad. Case and point, today me and the rest of “Dragons Bane” actually got in a fight with a huge black dragon. I ran up to the dragon with my friends. I started swinging into the dragon with my friends when suddenly Mia put herself away because I didn’t ask permission to use her. Now I am standing next to a dragon with only a shield, she literally sheathed herself and wouldn’t let me use her, now I am standing next to a beast four times my size that wants nothing more than making smores out of me and my friends, and it looks like I am going to be the graham cracker. Thinking quickly I pull out my other sword a trusty magical sword. I cut into it deep with three consecutive slashes, and the dragon is starting to look bad. As soon as I finish my third swing the sword I am holding sheathes itself while I am still holding it. It was Mia she was mad because I was using another sword. So now we are arguing like a married couple would next to a dragon, as if saying hold on this is more important than you right now we need a little time to figure this out.

I had to plead with my sword to help my friends. As my friend Emiel is unconscious under the monstrous foot of the dragon. I still was trying to persuade the sword to let me use it. Finally before he got crushed the sword relented and I slashed into the dragons leg yelling for Emiel to wakeup and move so he did not get crushed. He was able to roll out of the way just in time. I have to figure out how not to let something like this happen again because next time I might not be so lucky and she might not want to be used.

Before this point in our journey I could not wait to make it home, but now with this sword I am not ready to go back. I don’t know what would happen first, either my wife would kill me for what has happened, or the sword will try to kill her. I hope that we can figure this thing Mia out before something terrible happens, like me going M.I.A. Oh, crap shes trying to wake me up. I have to go Im sure I will write more on this later.



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