Cambrya the Second Age

There and Back Again


I saw her… him… Ioun. The embodiment of knowledge, secrets, books. I wanted to ask so much, know so much. Everthing I thought came off as an insult to Ioun’s infinte knowledge. Where do I come from? Where is my family? How do I do what I do? Still as important as these questions are to me, what worth do they have with the infinite. I failed Ioun, I didn’t understand the gift Ioun had given me and I squandered it. But I have learned a valuable lesson.

Forward, everything always moves forward. I had never considered that going back was ever an option. That reliving what had already occurred could happen. When looking back at my choices, our choices, there are things I would do differently. But again, these choices, these decision to change things spawn new and different possibilities that had never been considered. Simply by staying an extra minute the entirety of our path was altered. Never again will I dismiss my actions my choices. Each needs to be considered and understood. Even still the future cannot be mapped, the choices of others dictates so much. But if I can understand my choices, my decisions then maybe I can alter things to a path that I can follow and predict.

Thank you Ioun. Thank you for everything.



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