Cambrya the Second Age

The Goblin (With Drow on the Side) Job

The recurring problem that we seem to be having are the costs for each job we get done. Inevitably someone dies in the process of us trying to do the right thing and make the world a better place. With the bandit job the boy that asked us to kill his father lost his innocence and his father in the same day. With the jackalwere job Rynn was poisoned and still suffers from it and I screwed up and killed the leader of the town that was being used by the jackalwere’s. The group then sent three jackalwere children with Woldorf, a conman that promised to take them to a safe place for them to grow up away from the evil that we found in the village. We have a great track record so far.

So we get handed a simple job go to the Goblin Cutter Caves and clean out the goblin infestation there that is plaguing the surrounding lands. Audgeir decides to leave us and join up with Redfields army. Not to terribly sad about this since its a lot more peaceful without him around, what with the lack of people getting punched in the face and tables thrown at them. We arrive at the Port of Atria and decide to hit up the Bitter Mammy for good food like always. We meet and talk with Captain Brighton at the gates about currant events and get some information about the caves. On the way out of the city we end up leaving before dawn on the recommendation of Captain Brighton, later finding out the reasons for that.

Traveling through Falgard we came across Sir Craig Thorton, his Squire Pup, Sir Darvor Corsic, and Kindocare a dragonborn, all of which are knights. They meet and then travel with us showing us the way to the Goblin Cutter Caves. Since Halbrecht had business with Sir Darvor we agree to take Pup with us into the caves swearing to Sir Craig that no harm will come to him. Initially everything was fine, the traps were above average which was a question of where they came from and the goblins were stupid and easily slain. We find out that there are drow in the caves which explains where the expert traps came from. Oddly enough this information came from a rock with the soul of a woman named Mia in it, that transformed into a sword and bonded with Rosslin’s soul calling her his wife, arn’t cursed items fun.

More traps, more goblins, we go deeper into the caves. We find a secret passage leading us to an intelligent goblin named Gnarm that somehow is adopted as Rynn’s apprentice. To the goblins credit he has useful information about the caves and why the drow are here. Right here is where our mistake starts and everything starts going to hell. Audgeir had retured to us right before our encounter with the rock. We find out from Gnarm that around 3 dozen goblins and hobgoblins are going to return from patrol and that the drow outpost here is out to assassinate me and my brother. I start to run back to the knights to tell them what is happening but get stopped by the group so we can talk. Not wanting to tell Gnarm I am one of the drow that the drow here are out to assassinate, I was going to use an alias, Pup questions why I would need an alias and I finally just explain to him who and what I am. He dosnt like that I am a drow and that I decieved him but seems to accept it at least tentatively. Audgeir however badgers him about who he really is and how him decieveing us is the same thing as me not telling pup I am a drow until he finally tells us he is the son of the king of Falgard. Audgeir then pulls us aside away from pup to explain what happened at the army and how Valance was framed by drow for the murder of Redfield. This leads us to debate what to do for awile, while we are debateing Rosslin joins Pup and they head back to the knights. Along the way 2 drow ambush and murder pup then get slain by Rosslin and Halbrecht who joined the fight at some point.

We find the other two drow from the murder of Redfield dead in their command center slain by the two drow stationed in the caves that have fled the caves. Searching the room we find some information about what is going on and gather it all up to present it to the Knights. We find a system of vents and levers that can be used to listen in on the various area’s in the dungeon explaining how the drow found out what was going on and who everyone is, they listened to what we said.

Using the back entrance we exit the caves and meet the knights at the front explaining what has happened. They are upset and don’t believe our story. According to Falgaurd law trial by combat will prove who is right. Halbrecht then fights Sir Darvor and wins. What a messed up system of law. Shortly after the fight a black dragon descends and attacks us. A fairly brutal fight takes place ending with the dragons death. We head back into the caves to make sure we didn’t miss anything in their command room and then leave to return to the adventuring company with plans to travel to Solston and try to prevent a war with the little evidence we have proving Valances innocence.

Reflecting on the goblin job, it was not worth the cost of completion. Pup died because we were negligent again and no matter what anyone says I will always feel that it was my fault. I really have to question if I should be an adventurer. I keep feeling like I am making the world worse. I hope that whatever comes next goes better than our last jobs.

A very discouraged Richard.



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