Cambrya the Second Age

Show no fear

It seems the fires of my journey have been stoked once more.

That eerily complacent woman had said that he was injured. I was afraid of this outcome but i can’t let it get to me. I can only pray for his well being. However i should not get my hopes up. These woods are as treacherous as they are dark. What an unholy stench it exhumes.

She offered us blood pie, I refuse. Iz’bryn had so much, disgusting. What if there had been something in the pie. How trusting of him.

Now they sleep in the temple of Vecna. How they manage to get any kind of rest is beyond my comprehension. It’s a little disturbing. I eat a few of my rations, and feed some to Fereydoon as well. He has done so well.

We were awakened by the sound of people outside. Being overtly obvious. They were trying to draw out the undead to clear a path to the south. The way I need to go to find Roark. The woman asks for blood to lure the beasts out. I volunteer, though Tobias jumped in and said he would do it instead, probably out of some kind of “Chivalrous” nature. But it doesn’t matter, I still give her my hand.

The woman lycanthrop said that she had come across Roark. She helped him, or at least that’s what she said. I should have asked more questions. I just…don’t think the rest of them need to be burdened by the details, it’s not their journey nor their quest to find him.

We battle vampire Drow. They are more disgusting than watching Iz’Bryn eat the blood pie. We cut them down quickly and start down the road, giving space to these people who called themselves Watchers.

Our party is stopped by the vampire Ulysses. He tells me he also knows of Roark, I’m especially worried at this moment, but i can’t let him see my weakness in fearing for his safety. It will do me no good to over re-act. I should have sank an arrow into that man, but we need his help to find scarlet. To find Roark.

I do not wish to burden these people with my search, but if i am to find roark in these woods i may need their help. I clutch the object that Fereydoon had brought back to me. I had attached it to a string which hangs within my armor.

Please hang on Roark, And you too scarlet. Soon we shall be re-united.
Soon we will be out of these dark woods that reek of evil.



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