Cambrya the Second Age



A lot has happened since I last found time to sit down and just muse over the events that have happened. For obvious reasons I am not going into a lot of the details, if they were written down and fell into the wrong hands it could end badly for many people involved. I have learned a very important lesson though through our series of misadventures and that is that the things we do can have cascading consequences that reach far farther than I even though possible. The drow are also far more sinister and cunning than I thought, words do not do their tricks justice. They keep finding new ways to suprise us, which creates death around us for those we know, we keep getting lucky and managing to survive.

In our search to find one of the Sunriders, a druid by the name of Hush, I am given the chance to meet my brother and Halbrecht. We have to smooth things over because our recent acquisition that lets us travel at remarkable speeds led them to assume we were imposters at first, but we managed to convince them that it was really us and joined forces to track down Hush after defeating a drow ambush. Yet another place swarming with drow.

What to say about my brother, he is to say the least the complete opposite of me. We share a few things, we both want to stop the drow, though I want to stop them because they are evil and he wants to murder them all in revenge for the torture they inflicted upon him. Where my disposition is fairly happy he is cold and withdrawn. Apparently my father died more recently than I thought, my brother will need to share that story before he leaves and I will need to give him appropriate thanks for fathers necklace.

Tracking Hush to a cave filled with dead drow we find her after being tortured by them, though she seems to have been able to kill them all. She is extremely skeptical that my brother and I have any good in us, and with my track record for mistakes I sometimes wonder how good I really am. We notice smoke coming from the village, rushing back we find it on fire. The village is razed, everyone is dead the drow came in the short time we were gone. Now its time for us to stop them, we take the fight to them.



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