Cambrya the Second Age


It was some time after midnight and the soft breeze through the trees and the crackle of fire were the only sounds.  Audgier was the only other person awake as Frostfire looked around the campfire.  Looked at the wrong way, each person in the group was a murderer, psychopath, or scoundrel.

Audgier, because of the events at the Biscuits and Gravy.  I’m sure that Audgier had  a reason to knock out the innkeeper.  I wasn’t paying that much attention at the time, but events after that just kept escalating.  Audgier punches the innkeeper, and thought everything was done with until the guards decided to draw steel.  That’s when Richard and I stepped in to defuse the situation.  I went to Audgier and kept him from drawing his sword and slaughtering everyone, barely keeping him in line as he keeps making things worse by egging them on, ready to murder them if they make the slightest move against him.

Rynn, because of his fanatical devotion to money.  I don’t know that anybody else has noticed other than Audgier, but Rynn keeps a tight fist on his purse strings.  When he sees the rest of us giving away money, especially when we’re being charitable, I can just see him crying on the inside.  He’s even declared that he would take the money from everyone so that they couldn’t spend it on frivolous things like charity and donations.  I wonder which is more important to him: money, or us?

Roslyn, because of what happened in the goblin caves.  Sure, he says that the drow attacked out of the darkness and killed Pup before he could act, but how much of that is really true?  He could have just as easily taken it as an opportunity get a knight killed.  Maybe the sword that he now carries held his action just long enough for him to not be able to act in time.  The item is cursed – I’ve seen it control his arm and forced him to put his sword away.  Who’s to say that Roslyn didn’t kill Pup when he was out of sight and then get attacked by the Drow?

Richard, though he’s a dark elf, is one of the more interesting of our little band.  He says that he’s not evil, yet he also murdered a man in cold blood because he was working with the jackal-weres and fed the jackal-were children human flesh from a meat locker in a village full of man-eaters.

Speaking of the village of jackal-weres, when we found the jackal-were children, I turned to Emil, as leader, and asked him what we should do about them.  I’d never encountered a situation like that before, and didn’t know what to do.  The first words out of his mouth have haunted me since: “Kill them”.

As I began casting the spell to incinerate the children, Roslyn stopped me and Richard started yelling at me.  Richard had stepped inside the hut when my back was turned.  I had almost burned Richard alive with the children.  I asked him to leave the hut so that I could finish my spell and everyone turned on me, berating me for trying to kill three innocent children, looking at me like I was the monster.  I looked to Emil for support, only to find the same look of disgust on his face.

Looked at wrong, we’re all a little bit of a monster at heart, but we’re not like that.  We fight for justice, fame, fortune or to leave a legacy behind for our children.  I trust the men around me and believe in them when things look shady, because I know we’re better than that.



You remember that? Well crap, I’d had hope people had forgotten. Not one of my prouder moments.


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