Cambrya the Second Age

Lows & Highs


I know as soon as I saw that bird on the branch that we messed up. No… that’s not really true, that’s when I knew we were being given a third chance to make things right. Seeing my friends, comrades, and Seamus die before me left a terrible taste in my mouth. All these plans we had to defend Rhubarb blew up in our faces, literally. I mean I knew the Drow were sick and merciless, but to create a potion to make living beings explode, is a new low. And having pieces of an innocent man all over me is something that I will not soon forget.

But the question is, what do we do this time? When we tried last time we forced things too much… did things too fast and lost the details in the process. Rynn had his scribblings he was working on, connecting this to that, cause and effect, but all it was really doing was making Rynn second guess everything. Not letting us go forward. We should know, you can’t fix every little thing, we just needed to make little, subtle changes, going towards the big picture… stopping the Drow, Lolth, and Vecna.

Time moves backwards again, leaving us back in the north. We are asked our choices and sped up to our next choice. We follow the path that we create, fixing key points while not making big ripples. That brings us back to that little village that’s stuck in the past, to Simon, and an option that we never considered, but had been staring us all in the face. Getting our hands on the Spelljammer would save us from waisting the energy of the Twelve and having some magical firepower if the need arises. But taking it is the problem, we need the bloodline of King Grey to be allowed to us it. Now I know that’s Simon and I know that Simon wants the Spelljammer among other things. So I just state the problem, the solution, and let Simon be Simon. Using the knowledge I had to solve the problem, while not letting it slip where I got the information from… not bad. I’d think Ioun would be proud or at least less annoyed.

In the end Simon seems to be acting differently to me. Maybe it’s because he wants to learn magic to pilot the Spelljammer or we changed something we as yet don’t understand. Right now it doesn’t matter, I’m going to fly this ship and enjoy the wind in my hair because who knows when I’ll be up so high again.



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