Cambrya the Second Age

Impassable Partings


The Dimensional Vortex, it’s a move that spurred from dealings with Sir Spriggles and his portals. The idea is that if I focus magic thru my blade and swing downward with tremendous force, I can create a portal myself. The problem is that it is very brief, so brief I literally need to place it in front of someone while they are moving to work. In that split second, I send them weapon forward into another target, one of their own. Using their power to help me protect. Of course if there are no other targets, it still has a use… like dropping someone off a flying Spelljammer for example.

It didn’t work. Was it my technique? Timing? Or the fact, that deep down, I didn’t want to do it.

After Audgear and the rest of us had to watch Mia, now human, being forced to walk with Vecna and then just fade away. He claimed he was going back to his old ways, nothing but doing what he does best… killing. We felt for the most part, except Simon, we could deal with his new/old attitude. But that fools words led us to an impasse. He stated that if anyone drew a sword on him, he’d swing to kill. We tried to explain the flaws in that. There are guards that need to protect this land and they would draw steel on him with the way he was acting, not to harm him, but to defend.

He wouldn’t listen.

Then he was asked if he would attack any of us if we drew our blades on him. He said yes and we didn’t believe him. Richard went to call his bluff… he wasn’t bluffing.

The battle drained us all, but none of us died. Even Audgear’s attempt at killing himself didn’t work, Frostfire cared to much and wouldn’t let him. But it also let us to where we started, the impasse. Simon still wanted him dead. Better to kill him and put him in the hands of Vecna, so we know which side he’s on. We decided on giving him a choice to leave on his own free will, hopefully figuring somethings out and maybe, just maybe he’ll come to his senses and prove what he’s worth.

Audgear, may Avandra be with you, you idiot… and don’t die.



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