Cambrya the Second Age

Blood and Shadow - The Eleventh Hour


Journal entry Pg. 178

It’s been a bit of time now that I’ve joined Dragons Bane in a sort of mutual agreement of travel, this is not what I expected for the worlds “premiere” adventuring group.

I can accept that this band of adventurers have gone through quite a bit together, they look weary and tired, the bags under their eyes tell stories of trial and tribulation. I can accept that they have some sort of looming, impending doom hanging over their heads, with the acceptance of deal from a dark, evil god.

What I cannot accept, however, is that in the eleventh hour, this band of adventurers, in which by this point I would have thought should have developed some sense of family ties… bicker, fight and attack each other. I see them treat each other with the same disdain, and fervent hatred at times as the Drow do to each other.

In the eleventh hour, when the world has a common enemy, facing destruction, some worry about morality, I fear that if the time should come when “collateral damage” should need to happen in order to win this war they will dizzily argue in circles instead of perusing the goal objectively?

In the eleventh hour, when darkness threatens to consume everything this small band of “heroes” knows, will allow things to happen that may scar their soul for eternity afterward? Will they understand that morality sometimes needs to take a back seat in a war in order to complete a goal?

In the eleventh hour, will they stop killing each other, and avoid internal conflict until, perhaps, after the war? When they can slaughter each other without causing the world to turn to ruin?

Morality is contraband in war.




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