Cambrya the Second Age


An anger like I have never felt before fills me. I have tried being a hero and tried saving people. In the end all I seem to do when I try that is hurt my friends. I had thought it was a curse, this inability to to anything but kill and get people around me killed. I left behind my barbarian ways to try and be something I am not. I can only feel anger now… anger at myself. I couldn’t get anywhere with priests, mages, or good deities. Why did I even talk to the dark god Vecna? Because I felt powerless to help one of my friends I had truly failed, I opened my mouth and asked for things I shouldn’t. I thought he would only want my soul and that I could only bargain for my own soul. He is however a god, and gods don’t play fair. I don’t know anymore. Killing is all I seem to be good at and I wish I had never tried to change that. Now my own failures just fill me with a rage I can’t hold back any longer.



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