Cambrya the Second Age

And Now For Something Completely Different

6 Years Ago

“Are you sure you want to do that?”, says the voice. “Of course”, says another voice with a tone of unenthusiasm. “Very well”, with a sigh, “Checkmate!” The Black King tumbles off the board. “Emiel, I do not think you were paying attention, so let’s go over this again.”, says the first voice. “Ok, Dad”, says Emiel as he brushes some hair out of his face. Lumis starts to place the pieces back on the board, “You see in the battle of…” The voice fades away as Emiel tunes his father out.

Man this stinks, I wish Valence was still here. He had to go start his journey to become an adventurer and leave me alone with Dad. Now he’s got this big idea that I should be a historian like he is. So everyday it’s the legends about this, the traditions of that, and the laws of where ever. I mean I like the stuff about the battles and the wars, but Dad has to display it with games of chess. Chess? Really? I know Dad thinks the world of it. That it’s the battle of one’s mind against another. But I don’t want to think about it that hard, screw tactics, I’d rather just try something and see what happens. This whole historian idea, I don’t know if I want to do it. Not that I have any real idea of what I’d want to do. Maybe an adventurer? I know a bit of magic and what Valence taught of the sword, so maybe. But how am I supposed to tell Dad without breaking his heart?

Emiel turns to look at his Dad, who is still talking as he moves a few chess pieces around the board to add to his story. Emiel turns back to address the numbness he’s feeling in his posterior.

Gees, we’ve been sitting here far too long. And for what? All I see is an empty valley. I know we are going to visit Westhaven, the capitol of the Eladrin for a while, so Dad can do his historian thing. But of all the places, why here and why them? With all the races I’ve seen, they creep me out the most. I mean everyone else looks mostly human. A dwarf is shorter and has a big beard and I heard some of the women do to. Stick the beard on their feet and you got halflings. Elves just have pointy ears, so it’s not really a big deal there. But Eladrin, it’s those eyes, it’s like they are looking right through you, saying… hey I’m better. And I think they act about the same way. I know I’m just going to hate this.

“Emiel…Emiel!” Lumis’s words wake Emiel from his train of thought. “Seems we’ll continue this game another time.”, say Lumis as he points towards the valley. Emiel turns his head to see a massive, but extremely elegant city fade into existence. Emiel gains a small smirk on his face.

Well maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought.



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